Erika Vik

Erika Vik (b. 1982) is an award-winning author, illustrator and producer of the LANU! literature festival. She loves rock music, fennec foxes and the feel of wind on her face – still, she'll never again sail on the North Sea when the storm is rising.

Vik was born in Hyvinkää, a small town in southern Finland. Vik has a Master of Arts degree. She's also the creator and producer of LANU!, an awarded virtual literature festival, targeted for children, teenagers and young adults. The annual festival has been held since 2020, and Vik has produced and filmed several short documentaries for the festival.

Before writing Forever With You, Vik has written three popular YA fantasy titles, which are loved by a wide audience and received the Kuvastaja honorable mention as an excellent complete fantasy series.

Vik's fourth novel, a psychological thriller Forever With You (Luonasi ikuisesti) was published in April 2023. The fast-paced novel with a dense atmosphere takes place in the brutal world of goth rock and dark desires. Forever With You is Vik's debut in adult fiction.


2023, Crime & Suspense

Forever With You

Erika Vik