Captain Cody and the Big Dive

Anssi Keränen

Original title: Lossi-Lassin suuri sukellus

Author: Anssi Keränen

Published: 2016

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Pages: 40

A rescue team embarks on a deep sea adventure.

One night, a gigantic whale appears in the harbor with an urgent message for Captain Cody: their mutual friend Tofu is in distress. Barrels of toxic waste have been found near Tofu’s deep-sea research center.

Captain Cody hurries to the rescue with his ship Lindy Hop. His friends Vince, James and Tautou, the monkey are also on their way. But the tricky rescue operation demands technically-advanced equipment. Will Tautou succeed in building an amphibian vehicle for their deep-sea operation? As the ingenious team prepares for their mission, crucial help arrives in the form of a new, heavyweight, friend.

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

About author

Anssi Keränen

Anssi Keränen, an author and illustrator, has a master’s degree in graphic design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (now part of Aalto University), and has provided graphic design services for some of Finland’s largest corporations. He has also worked as an illustrator for Finnish magazines since 1999. Keränen is known for his humorous style that is at once classic and innovative. In Captain Cody and the Secrets of the Sea (Tammi 2015), Keränen tells an eco-positive story from a fresh and relatable angle.


2016, Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Anssi Keränen

Captain Cody and the Big Dive

2015, Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Anssi Keränen

Captain Cody and the Secrets of the Sea