Anne Leinonen

Original title: Kirjanoita

Author: Anne Leinonen

Published: 2017

Publisher: WSOY

Genre: Young Adult (13 or 14+)

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Bookwitch is a spellbinding Young Adult story set in a world where books are banned and witches rule in the realm of Helby, a parallel world to Helsinki as we know it. When seventeen-year-old Aura becomes an assistant at the House of Lost Dreams, little does she know she is about to discover a secret chamber full of books, and about her own destiny as a powerful witch who must face dark forces to save all that she loves. A gripping story about self-realization, betrayal and good triumphing evil.

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About author

Anne Leinonen

Anne Leinonen (b.1973) is a multiple-award winning, key author, tutor and editor of Finnish science fiction and fantasy. Her most recent publication is the first volume of a YA urban fantasy duology, Bookwitch (Kirjanoita), which will be followed by Witchbook (Noitakirja) in 2018.

Leinonen’s short stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, earning her several Atorox awards (voted for by fans). Her science fiction novels, Viivamaalari and Ilottomien ihmisten kylä were published to positive reviews, as well as a trilogy, Routasisarukset, written in collaboration with Eija Lappalainen, In addition to writing YA and adult fiction, she has now started to work on audio and television dramas.

Anne Leinonen moves fluidly between science fiction and fantasy. Her texts deal with themes of otherness and unfamiliarity, as well as conflicts between the community and the individual. Nature plays an important part in her work, as a vehicle for the story, the stage of action and on a symbolic level. Leinonen’s prose is taut, with no superficial descriptions. Instead, she takes her readers right in to the middle of events and the lives of her characters. Her use of language shows talent and uniqueness, favouring experimentation with different styles and often works on several pieces at the same time. She is especially renowned for her collaborations with other writers.


2018, Young Adult (13 or 14+)

Anne Leinonen


2017, Young Adult (13 or 14+)

Anne Leinonen