Arctic Wedding Nightmare

Jenni Multisilta

Original title: Umpihangessa alttarille

Author: Jenni Multisilta

Published: 2023

Publisher: FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Genres: Commercial/Upmarket, Romance

Pages: 336

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Finnish manuscript

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A dream wedding underneath the northern lights - or a wedding nightmare before Christmas?

Mila is a star vlogger, whose husband-to-be dumps her two weeks before the dream Christmas-time wedding of the century. For Mila, the idea of canceling the wedding is a disaster. And what’s even more important is to finish the wedding video series that her followers are eagerly waiting for!

To solve this, Mila persuades her former teenage crush to be her pretend fiancé. Soon Mila’s siblings, Jesse and Laura, also find themselves caught within the web of lies weaved by their sister.

The wedding preparations in beautiful Lapland start to resemble a nightmarish undercover operation. Will the lies hold until Christmas Eve? Will Santa Claus get kissed on the altar? For whom do the sleigh bells eventually ring?

Arctic Wedding Nightmare proves that [the thrillerist] Jenni Multisilta is talented also when writing sitcom. The author brings out a series of events which forces one to laugh out loud repeatedly. [--] Is Multisilta’s YouTube-related novel something about the present state of humanity and society, where so many things are evaluated in terms of clicks and likes? The author tackles this without sparing words, producing an engaging survival story.

– Jari Olavi Hiltunen in Satakunnan Kansa newspaper

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)


About author

Jenni Multisilta

Jenni Multisilta is a Master of Economics and a writer. Multisilta’s previous works include psychological thrillers, but a love of Christmas has inspired her to write about Christmas romance. 

In addition to writing, she is a former national-level competitive athlete who teaches aerial acrobatics and pole dancing, as well as yoga. In her free time, Multisilta hangs upside down here and there, for the world looks more interesting from different perspectives.


2023, Commercial/Upmarket, Romance

Jenni Multisilta

Arctic Wedding Nightmare