An Egg-cellent Surprise!

Satu Varjonen

Original title: Ylläripylläri!

Author: Satu Varjonen

Illustrator: Mari Luoma

Published: 2022

Publisher: Minerva

Genres: Chapter Books (3-6 Years), Chapter Books (6-9 Years)

Pages: 56

Part of a series: Thelma the Tenacious Witch series

Reading material:

Finnish text

English sample in September 2022

A humorous and magical series about the adventures of a young witch girl, written by Satu Varjonen with gleeful illustrations by Mari Luoma!

The sweet witch, Thelma, tries her hardest to make things good. But magic is one of those things that sometimes leads to quite unexpected things.

Thelma’s house is as busy as ever. The spring cleaning must be done, guests are coming and The Great Egg Hunt with its tantalizing prizes is about to start on the mountain.

The easter traditions of witches and humans cause Thelma a headache, especially when her ghastly great-aunt, Grandma Myrtle and Thelma’s new friend Ornelia get entangled in them too. And magic doesn’t always go according to plan.

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Minerva (orig.)
ESTONIA: Kirjastus Elust Enesest

About author

Satu Varjonen

Satu Varjonen has worked as a freelance editor for 17 years, during which she’s written e.g. for most Finnish women’s magazines. When it comes to storytelling, it is children’s literature that gets her heart beating. Who Nose? in the Thelma the Tenacious Witch series is her debut.


2022, Chapter Books (3-6 Years), Chapter Books (6-9 Years)

Satu Varjonen

An Egg-cellent Surprise!

2021, Chapter Books (3-6 Years), Chapter Books (6-9 Years)

Satu Varjonen

Who Nose?