Mari Ahokoivu

Mari Ahokoivu (b. 1984) is a Finnish illustrator and a comics artist. She’s been drawing professionally for over 10 years, mainly drawing graphic no [...]

Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo is a geographer and author. She has previously worked in publishing of geography-related non-fiction and maps, and now she writes full ti [...]

Satu Kontinen

Satu Kontinen (b. 1976) is a graphic designer and illustrator obsessed with flowers. She is known for her detailed ink works as well as creating quirk [...]

Tero Mielonen

Tero Mielonen (b. 1981), PhD, is an atmospheric scientist and a comic book enthusiast. He studies the role of atmospheric aerosols in climate change a [...]

Sanna Pelliccioni

Sanna Pelliccioni is a Finnish illustrator, graphic designer and children’s author living in Helsinki with her Finnish-Italian family. Pelliccioni u [...]

Aapo Ravantti

Aapo Ravantti (b. 1974) is a multi-talented artist from Lahti. In addition to illustrations for children’s books, he also works as a sound technicia [...]