Summer books for every type of reader brought to you by EALA!

Summer vacation is here!

Whether you’re headed to the beach or forest cabin, we have six picks perfect for the season:

For adult readers, we picked out a couple spine-tingling thrillers – plus a warm cozy fiction title you can read afterward for a breather!


1. If you want some dead bodies sprinkled into your summer reading, read THE KRISTINESTAD MURDERS: REVENGE (book #1) and ALONE (book #2) by Kaisu Tuokko – small town idyll meets crime and relationship drama!

2. Friends sharing secrets around a camp fire on a hot summery night in the Finnish archipelago – it doesn’t get more Nordic summer than that! Read THE NIGHT OF THE ANCIENT LIGHTS by Hanna Meretoja, which has also been praised as an “ode to love and life”.

3. And if you really want to get away this summer and head out far to the most remote of Finnish places, read THE OUTBACK SERIES: THE ISLAND TORN APART by Joona Keskitalo. Quirky characters, dead bodies, and no police insight – what happens in Korppoo, stays in Korppoo!




For our younger readers, we go from PB to YA, real life and fantasy:

4. Go on vacation with Little Mouse! Join the beloved picture book character as he embarks on a cruise – many adventures await! Read LITTLE MOUSE GOES ON A CRUISE by Riikka Jäntti!

5. And for YA readers, we recommend IN THE DARK I CAN BE YOURS by Salla Simukka – a summery love story between two girls that will catapult you back to the magic and pains of first love!

6. Finally, if you want to escape into a completely different world, read SANG & NARAKA by Elina Pitkäkangas – a powerful romantasy duology about love and power!