Welcoming New Agent Julia Bogen and New Co-Agents to the Ahlback Agency!

We are delighted to introduce and welcome Julia Bogen, our new Literary Agent to the fast-growing Elina Ahlback Literary Agency. Julia Bogen has started on May 2nd , and she is currently selling rights to Hungary, Estonia and other Baltic territories, Southeast Europe, as well as Greece, Israel, Turkey, the Arabic world, and Southeast Asia. Please join us in welcoming Julia to our team!
You can contact her at julia.bogen@ahlbackagency.com.

With the ultimate goal to be a bridge between cultures, Julia began her career in publishing by interning in foreign rights and then spending the next several years as an associate book scout working for publishing houses around the world. Julia majored in linguistics, along with East Asian languages and cultures while minoring in French at Indiana University and Tokyo’s Temple University. She fell in love with Finland years ago, starting with an interest in Sami culture. As an agent with Elina Ahlback Literary Agency, she is excited to help share the birthplace of sisu, Moomins, and extreme personal space with the rest of the world.

Furthermore, we are very happy to announce excellent collaboration with three new Co-Agencies:

In North America, we have appointed Agent Hannah Brattesani at the Friedrich Agency as our co-agent in North America for our Agency’s selected, bestselling, and award-winning Finnish titles.  Join us in welcoming Hannah to our team! You can contact her at hbrattesani@friedrichagency.com.

“I am delighted to be representing Elina Ahlback Literary Agency’s titles in North America. At the Friedrich Agency, we have built a reputation for nurturing literary careers through our dedicated, hands-on approach to agenting. We found kin in EALA –also, coincidentally, a team of five – whose status as one of the Nordic’s leading agencies has been built over a decade of that same dedication to their authors. Elina decided to establish EALA on a visit to Manhattan, wanting to encourage international exchange between Finland and the rest of the world. It gives me immense pleasure to be carrying the EALA mantle in the city of its conception, and to support Elina’s mission to further internationalize great Nordic literature.” – Hannah Brattesani, The Friedrich Agency

In France, we have appointed Marotte et Compagnie, Agence littéraire, Agent Corinne Marotte et Agent Hanna Thorén as our co-agents in France and French-speaking territories for our Agency’s selected, bestselling, and award-winning Finnish titles.  Join us in welcoming Corinne et Hanna to our team! You can contact them at corinne@marotteetcompagnie.ag and hanna@marotteetcompagnie.ag

In Spain, we have appointed IMC Agència Litèraria, Anna Ascolies and Isabel Martí Castro, as our co-agents in World Spanish languages (Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician) and Portuguese language in the territory of the World for our Agency’s selected, bestselling, and award-winning Finnish titles. Join us in welcoming Anna and Isabel to our team! You can contact IMC Agència Litèraria at anna@iemece.com

Thank You, Elsa!  We express our warmest thanks to Literary Agent Elsa Lindström for her great work at the Ahlback Agency over two and a half years, as she is leaving at the end of May for new adventures. Join us in wishing Elsa all the very best in the future.

Literary Agent Sten-Erik Tammemäe is on parental leave until January 7th, 2025.

Sales Lead, Literary Agent Anna Kappauf is currently selling rights to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland as well as to Germany, Netherlands, and Nordic Countries.

CEO, Literary Agent Elina Ahlbäck is currently selling rights to the UK and Italy and is responsible for Agency’s Film & TV rights. Elina will be the main contact for our excellent new Co-Agencies in North America, France and Spain, as well as for our existing excellent Co-Agencies in Asia: Grayhawk Agency, Tuttle-Mori Agency and Danny Hong Agency.