FILI offers grants to support the translation of Finnish literature worldwide – Apply now until 1st of February!

We are happy to remind you of the FILI translation grants: the application period is open until February 1st. Now is the perfect time to acquire rights to your new Finnish bestseller and award-winner: See some of our highlights below, and browse our latest catalogue here: Ahlback Agency Fall 2023 Catalogue

FILI offers grants to support the translation of Finnish literature. These grants are intended for publishers outside Finland and are to be applied towards the translator’s fee. Grants are awarded for translating works of fiction and general non-fiction, children’s and young adult (YA) books from the Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi languages into foreign languages. Grants are awarded to cover part of the translation cost, up to 70%. Grants are also available for printing costs for children’s picture books. Read more here: APPLY FOR THE FILI GRANTS

Here are some of our Ahlback Agency Highlights:

36 Urns – A History of Being Wrong

Sirpa Kähkönen

Finland’s Bestseller #1 and Finlandia Winner 2023

“The personal experience of the author grows into a universal reach,  and she finds something globally applicable about humans, hate, anger, lies, hope, dreams and their crumbling, death.

The world is not only what one can see. This brings forth a masterpiece, which is worth living for.”

– Jorma Uotinen, Finlandia Literature Prize 2023 Grand Juror

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Max Seeck


Max Seeck

New independent crime novel by the New York Times Bestselling and Spiegel Bestselling Author Max Seeck, winner of the Glass Key Award 2023!

MILO is a psychological suspense novel with surprising twists and interesting facts about the game of chess. It’s also a story of complex human relationships, sex and issues people are facing when they approach the middle-age. The novel also covers a lot of art and other cultural references, maintaining the erotic vibe that stems from Milo’s and Ronja’s sexual adventures.

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The Horned God

Magdalena Hai

Winner of the Finlandia Prize 2023 and nominated for the Topelius award 2024!

“17-year-old Lauri wakes up in hospital after a car accident. His mother has passed away and his father is in a coma in hospital. The horror story beautifully links the descriptions of recovering from a big loss, the grueling presence of awful things, the guilt caused by mistakes and the act of letting go. The novel which influences the reader on many levels also describes in a lively matter the everyday life of teenagers, experiences of mental health struggles, and racism. Below the horror elements there is an undercurrent that ties people together. At times in a painful way.”

– The Topelius Award Jury

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Putin’s World War: Russia’s Covert Operations to Destroy the West

Jessikka Aro

The new highly topical title by the winner of International Women of Courage Award

Russia is threatening the West with World War III, even though it has been waging it for years. As its weapons, the Kremlin uses agents of chaos, a covert operation, fake priests spreading hate speech, hackers recruited from prison, and the gullibility of people.

Jessikka Aro’s new non-fiction book about the Kremlin’s world war presents the secret operations of Putin’s intelligence services in detail.

Read if you dare.

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36 uurnaa – Väärässä olemisen historia
Siltala, August 2023, 267 pp.
Rights sold:
FINLAND: Siltala (orig.)
ESTONIA: Koolibri
GERMANY: Blessing Verlag (PRH)
SWEDEN: Lind & Co
Reading materials:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

Tammi, July 2024, tbc pp.
Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
FRANCE: Mera Éditions
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe
NORWAY: Aschehoug
FILM & TV rights: Solar Films
Reading materials:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish manuscript in Spring 2024

Otava, March 2023, 162 pp.
Age group: 13+
Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
NORWAY: Gursli Berg
Reading materials:
English sample and synopsis

Putinin maailmansota – Venäjän salaiset operaatiot Lännen tuhoamiseksi
Johnny Kniga, May 2024
Rights sold:
FINLAND: Johnny Kniga (orig.)
GERMANY: Goldmann Verlag
HUNGARY: Corvina
SWEDEN: Sensor
Reading materials:
English info sheet
Translatable Finnish manuscript in March 2024