Our books of the year 2023

We would like to take a moment to look back at another wonderful year of books and celebrate our authors and their many successes in 2023!

We wish you all happy holidays and a good start into the new year – we are excited to talk more about books with you in 2024 and can’t wait to share our spring list with you soon! Enjoy your well deserved break and time with friends and loved ones!

All the best from us at Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency,

Elina, Elsa, Sten-Erik, Linda, Anna

2023 Award highlights

There have been many reason to celebrate our authors this year! A big round of congratulations to all award winners and nominees!

Award winners: 

Award nominees: 

Special picks: 

  Mia Kankamaki The Women I think About At Night US 

2023 Sales highlights

We were thrilled to see that our authors had a successful year in sales both at home and internationally! Here is a selection of sales that we would like to highlight:

Our agents’ personal books of the year 2023

Elina’s pick: THE STORY OF AINO AND ALVAR AALTO by Heikki Aalto-Alanen: “Unique … Such an intimate level of access is possible thanks to the fact that the author is a grandson and has done much to preserve the designers’ legacy.”  – Interior Design

Elsa’s pick: ALONE – YES, PLEASE! by Marika Riikonen : “Essays about the joy of solitude? GIMME. If you saw me at Frankfurt, you already know I’m one of the biggest fans of this nonfiction title that voices so many of my thoughts – and judging by its commercial success in Finland, I’m not the only one who relates. ALONE – YES, PLEASE is a book discussing a topic we all know about but which still has too many stigmas and prejudices attached to it, and Riikonen’s matter-of-factly way of dissecting the topic, from society’s view to solitude to the private joy of me time, speaks to the introverts and extroverts alike.”

Sten-Erik’s pick: THE VOLE AND THE MOON by Mila Teräs and Nora Surojegin: “Only one word comes to mind when thinking about this outstanding picture book: poetry. Not only because this book features poems – haikus composed and recited by animals and trees – , but because this book is a celebration of the wonder of life, of the breathtaking, magnificent beauty of nature. Its story about taking a moment from our busy lives to wonder and be in awe of the majesty of existence is timely and universal, its colorful and charming illustrations are like paintings that draw the readers in. A picture book for the ages!”

Linda’s pick: PRIVATE PROPERTY by Pauliina Susi: “Both parts hilarious and entertaining, there is a charm in the unexpected private detective Tuulia Raja with a somewhat messy personal life to boot. The twisty murder mystery is complemented by delightfully quirky characters who all seem to have something to hide… A perfect cozy read with witty dialogue that makes you laugh out loud!”

Anna’s pick: STELLA by Ted Forsström & Åsa Lucander: “This brilliant bedtime picture book has it all: a funny story, gorgeous illustrations full of tiny details to spot, and repetitive text elements that both invite children to join in in telling the neurotic dog Stella to calm down and also create a comforting routine which is crucial for a successful bedtime. There is also a glorious spread featuring a squirrel party in the kitchen – do I even need to say more?!?”