FILI translation and printing grants round opens on October 1, 2023!

We are happy to inform you that the FILI Fall 2023 grant application period opens on October 1st and will last until November 1st. Now is the right time to acquire your next Finnish title and author, and be ready to apply for the FILI translation grant!

FILI offers grants to support the translation of Finnish literature. These grants are intended for publishers outside Finland and are to be applied towards the translator’s fee. Grants are awarded for translating works of fiction and general non-fiction, children’s and young adult (YA) books, and comics and graphic novels from the Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Sámi languages. Grants are awarded to cover part of the translation cost, on average, 50 to 70 per cent. Grants are also available for printing costs for comics and graphic novels and for children’s picture books. Read more here: APPLY FOR THE FILI GRANTS

This is a perfect time to acquire exciting new Finnish titles – see some of our Fall highlights below, and browse our Fall 2023 Catalogue here: Ahlback Agency Fall 2023 Catalogue

The Logbook of Love

Elina Hirvonen

What’s love all about? In Elina Hirvonen´s new novel, The Logbook of Love, conversations about love form a sea of connections among people from wildly different backgrounds and places.

  • A novel for fans of Rachel Cusk, Jenny Offill and Deborah Levy

“This struggle between sadness and joy, the light and darkness of loving is felt in every chapter of the book.
Hirvonen writes about people beautifully and touchingly, greatly appreciating each and every one. The narrative is documentary-like, but it is beautified by a sense of relevance, warmth and presence. Despite its heavy world, the love log book is light and joyful.”

– Outi Hytönen in Suomen Kuvalehti newspaper

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The Kristinestad Murders #1: Revenge

Kaisu Tuokko

The peace of the idyllic seaside town Kristinestad is broken in the first installment of an addictive new crime series.

  • A perfect mix of Nordic crime, love triangle drama, and the beautiful surroundings of the old coastal town of Kristinestad, Western Finland
  • Bestseller – 7000 copies sold in less than three months!

Perfect for fans of Viveca Sten and Camilla Läckberg, this opening of the new KRISTINESTAD MURDERS crime series follows in the footsteps of strong female crime authors, offering gripping crime plots and interpersonal drama.

“Tuokko’s narration is effortless. The life of youth with its crises also appears natural. The plot of Revenge [Book 1] keeps one in its grip, even surprising the reader. The crime is the size of one book, but the story of Eevi and Mats is left open by the author.”
– Sari Toivakka in Keskisuomalainen newspaper

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Do You Follow? How to Have a Less Toxic Relationship with Social Media

Perttu Pölönen

The book that every social media user should read! The third book by popular speaker and sales success Perttu Pölönen!

  • Perttu Pölönen has studied future technologies at Singularity University think tank, based at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, co-founded an edtech company in Myanmar and won EU’s biggest science competition for youth. In 2018, MIT Tech Review honored him among the 35 Innovators Under 35 in Europe.
  • Rights to Perttu Pölönen’s books sold in 8 territories

No one wants to be manipulated, but on social media we are constantly influenced without us noticing. Do we really understand what social media does to us? Could things be different?

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CupOfTherapy series

Antti Ervasti and Matti

Internationally bestselling and easily approachable and comforting selfcare with a visual approach – created by an experienced Finnish psychotherapist and an award-winning illustrator

  • Selfcare for the Instagram generation!
  • Relatable and comforting illustrations of the human experience with all its struggles and wonders
  • With expert advice from a psychotherapist on how to deal with common struggles and experiences
  • Books sold 75,000 copies! Rights sold to 20+ countries! Bestseller in the MUJI stores in Japan!
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The Vole And The Moon

Mila Teräs and Nora Surojegin

A charmingly sweet picture book about the beauty of living in the moment. Mila Teräs’ enchanting prose is accompanied by Nora Surojegin’s gentle illustrations.

  • Mila Teräs was awarded the prestigious Kaarina Helakisa Prize in 2023!
  • For fans of Leo Lionni’s Frederick
  • Books illustrated by Nora Surojegin have been translated into 10 languages.

The book tells of how important it is to stop: instead of the constant hurry and overachieving, it is important to pause and just exist without feeling guilty. At the same time, the book highlights what a wonder and secret life really is.

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Stop Secret Mysteries: Stinker the Horrific Sock Monster

Ilona Ahti and Miila Westin

A funny middle-grade mystery series for fans of Roald Dahl

  • Miila Westin is a Finlandia Junior Prize winning illustrator (2020) and her books have been sold into 14 languages
  • Ilona Ahti is an award-winning TV and film script writer and co-writer of the Oscar nominated film Girl Picture
  • Independent sequel planned for 2024

The sock-trap has been set! A sock-monster, Stinker,  is on the loose!

In the opening of this charmingly funny middle-grade series, top-secret cases are being solved. Why are there only odd socks  in the cabinet, and where have the hairclips and remote controls vanished?

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