The Ahlback Agency FICTION Fall 2023 Rights Guide!

We are thrilled to present our Fiction Catalogue for Fall 2023!

It’s the season of crime with many new additions to our Crime List, including a brand-new title by New York Times bestselling author Max Seeck, a six-book crime series by debut crime author Kaisu Tuokko which is already in the Finnish bestseller lists, a witty whodunnit series by Pauliina Susi, and a new series by rising crime star author Joona Keskitalo.

On the literary side, Katja Kettu’s THE INVESTIGATIONS OF ONE CAT delights with a winning mix of autofiction and magic realism and last but not least, if you are looking for a Nordic rom-com, Jenni Multisilta got you covered with her ARCTIC WEDDING NIGHTMARE. 

From our new catalogue, we’ve picked some outstanding titles for you – take a look at them below!

View the Fall 2023 Catalogue Here!

Max Seeck

New independent crime novel by the New York Times Bestselling and Spiegel Bestselling Author Max Seeck!

We are very excited to announce that New York Times Bestselling Author Max Seeck is working on a new independent crime novel, MILO (working title)! MILO will be published by Tammi in Finland in September 2024 and was sold to Bastei Lübbe in Germany in a pre-empt. We believe MILO has all the potential to outdo Max Seeck’s already very impressive sales records – get in touch with us if you would like to receive first materials and acquire the rights!

Rights for Max Seeck’s previous Jessica Niemi crime series have been sold into 40 territories and Hollywood: an international TV-show is in development. Over 400,000 copies of his books have been sold in Finland alone. Book 3 in the series, THE LAST GRUDGE (orig. Kauna, Tammi 2021), is nominated for the Glass Key Award 2023. Book 4 GHOST ISLAND will be published in the US in February 2024 by Berkley!

The Kristinestad Murders #1: Revenge
Kaisu Tuokko

The peace of the idyllic seaside town Kristinestad is broken in the first installment of an addictive new 6-book crime series. Already a bestseller in Finland!

Perfect for fans of Viveca Sten and Camilla Läckberg, this opening of the new KRISTINESTAD MURDERS crime series follows in the footsteps of strong female crime authors, offering gripping crime plots and interpersonal drama.

Private Property
Pauliina Susi

Tuulia Raja, Private Eye #1

The entertaining opening to a new whodunnit crime series!

Tuulia Raja is a resourceful flight attendant who keeps calm even in the worst of pickles. But when her employer is declared bankrupt, it is time to search for new horizons. A chance encounter leads her to meet with a private investigator, and in no time she is investigating the last moments of a now-dead business mogul. Everyone related to the case is hiding something, but what? Tuulia plans to find this out, no matter the cost.

Pauliina Susi’s Private Property opens the new Tuulia Raja, Private Eye series in which a quick-witted detective capably and cleverly handles the different cases that come her way.

The Outback Series #1: The Island Torn Apart
Joona Keskitalo

The story of twelve steps that plunge the idyllic archipelago in the southwest of Finland into utter chaos.

Korppoo: a place where many have died.

It’s a beautiful place – serene, a little piece of paradise – by the name of Korppoo. A place where people offer apple pie to passers-by and lend their tractor to their neighbors. Where everyone greets each other, joys are shared and grudges are borne forever. Then, Jennifer from Helsinki buys a guest marina on the island and brings death with her.

The Investigations of One Cat

Katja Kettu

Katja Kettu’s stunning novel spins through ages whilst surrendering to the wilderness of nature and the deep yearning for offspring.

Combining autofiction and elements of magical realism, Katja Kettu’s latest novel also sheds light on the history of the Finnish frontiers.

An Author has a miscarriage and loses their ability to speak and write. From the Investigative Bureau of Heavens, a Detective is sent to the scene, but something goes awry. Soon, in the corner of the room, there appears Cat who starts examining a mysterious diary that once belonged to the Author’s Great Grandmother.

When a new life has been lost, the Author turns their gaze to the past and to the age-old words of creation in the old Finnish outskirts. The one who knows them, Great Grandmother, has the power of healers. The Great Grandmother’s diary sheds light on birth and death, love towards children, and the strength of heritage in one’s blood.

Arctic Wedding Nightmare

Jenni Multisilta

A dream wedding underneath the northern lights – or a wedding nightmare before Christmas?

Mila is a star vlogger, whose husband-to-be dumps her two weeks before the dream Christmas-time wedding of the century. For Mila, the idea of canceling the wedding is a disaster. And what’s even more important is to finish the wedding video series that her followers are eagerly waiting for!

To solve this, Mila persuades her former teenage crush to be her pretend fiancé. Soon Mila’s siblings, Jesse and Laura, also find themselves caught within the web of lies weaved by their sister.

The wedding preparations in beautiful Lapland start to resemble a nightmarish undercover operation. Will the lies hold until Christmas Eve? Will Santa Claus get kissed on the altar? For whom do the sleigh bells eventually ring?