The Ahlback Agency CHILDREN’S & YA Fall 2023 Rights Guide!

We are thrilled to present our Children’s & YA Catalogue for Fall 2023: wise picture books about courage and taking things slow, hilarious middle-grade adventures, and insightful nonfiction. And a new novel from Maria Turtschaninoff!

We’ve picked some of the hottest titles from the catalogue for you – check them out below!

View the Fall 2023 Children’s Catalogue here!

The Duck Who Was Afraid of Eagles

Veera Salmi, ill. Matti Pikkujämsä

Rotka, the ski jumping Eagle, just wants to bully others. What should the other birds do? A picture book about real courage. 

The life of the Duck and other birds in the Joyful House is as soft and sweet as dessert dough. Until, one Wednesday, some eagles start building a ski jumping tower next to them.

What should the Duck do if he is too scared to stay, but also too scared to leave?

Independent sequel to the Nordic Council Award nominated picture book The Duck Who Was Afraid to Fly.


Mila Teräs, ill. Nora Surojegin

A charmingly sweet picture book about the beauty of living in the moment.

Millie the Vole has a strange feeling. She is preparing for the upcoming winter well in advance. However, she feels like she has forgotten something. She is so busy planning and doing things that there is no time to go to watch the Moon and celebrate with other animals. When Millie decides to look up to the sky, she has to stop and stare.

The book tells of how important it is to stop: instead of the constant hurry and overachieving, it is important to pause and just exist without feeling guilty. At the same time, the book highlights what a wonder and secret life really is.

Stop Secret Mysteries: Stinker the Horrific Sock Monster

Ilona Ahti, ill. Miila Westin

A funny middle-grade mystery series for fans of Roald Dahl

The sock-trap has been set! A horrific sock-monster, Stinker, is on the loose!

In the opening of this charmingly funny middle-grade series, top-secret cases are being solved. Why are there only odd socks in the cabinet, and where have the hairclips and remote controls vanished?

The peculiar events begin when a strange creature snatches the last pair of socks from ten-year-old Hilla. She catches a glimpse of a fluffy, golden tail and finds a color-changing hair as evidence. A top-secret mystery must be solved, in which Hilla is helped by her neighbors Maisa and Roni-Toni. Hilla’s grandmother Mitsi clearly knows more than she’s telling, and in the end there’s an explanation for everything that no one would have expected…

The Manticore

Maria Turtschaninoff, ill. Peter Bergting

A graphic novel and supernatural thriller that turns a young girl’s emotions into a magic-realistic fantasy adventure – can her new stepmother be trusted or is she a dangerous ancient monster?

The Manticore is a middle-grade graphic novel.

This supernatural thriller is told from the perspective of an unnamed protagonist who starts suspecting that her stepmother is in fact a Manticore, an ancient monster intending on devouring the protagonist and her baby brother. She realizes that no one can help her because no one would believe her. So as the Manticore starts fattening up the children, the protagonist hunts for a way to defeat her. She soon realizes that the only way to kill a Manticore is with a mythical object: the horn of a unicorn. But where can she possibly find one?


Laura Ertimo, ill. Mari Ahokoivu

In We Are Powerful, Lotta and Kasper delve into how people use power. 

Best friends Laura and Kasper start junior high in a new school. In addition to the question of whether their friendship will survive in a new group, the two also start to wonder about power, as the nearby forest is under a threat.

How is power used? Does everyone have power? Who gets to decide what happens to the forest? Biodiversity loss and the climate crisis are real and a massive challenge – but how come it feels like not enough is being done? Who is responsible?

The book also peeks into our brain and ponders how humans are peculiar animals that are able to tell stories. Stories that we have the power to change. Could our connection to nature be the biggest story of them all?


Pinja Meretoja

How did one machine come to feature thousands of years of technology? 

The smartphone includes a huge amount of functions that are the result of hundreds and thousands of years of progress. How did all these discoveries end up in a child’s pocket? Travels in Time delves into this mystery in a fun but precise way.

Lucy visits a second-hand store with her aunt. When Lucy doesn’t recognize all of the objects there, she comes up with imaginative ideas as to what their use might have been. A generation that has access to all sorts of tools in one device might not know about the past importance of all the appliances.