Introducing Ahlback Agency FICTION Spring 2023 Rights Guide!

We are thrilled to present our Fiction Catalogue for Spring 2023!

Our Crime List is expanding with a new exciting author Erika Vik combining Nordic Noir and goth rock and fresh additions to three crime thriller series. International TV series based on Maria Kallio crime series brings Finland’s bestselling crime writer Leena Lehtolainen’s latest title in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the 3rd title in the Silk Sisters series will arrive to grace our Historical Fiction list.

From our new catalogue, we’ve picked some outstanding titles for you – take a look at them below!

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Forever With You

Erika Vik

Nordic Noir meets Goth rock in this dark psychological thriller.

Janne Kallamaa is a struggling musician at the lowest point of his popularity, a major Finnish rock star of the 90s who is rejected by his record company. Soon after, the CEO of said company is found dead. Is it suicide or murder?

Meanwhile, Janne is tormented by a faceless stalker whose threatening messages hide more than meets the eye. It’s as if the stalker knows everything about the former star’s life, even his darkest secrets.

This sinister debut thriller asks what we are willing to sacrifice for art.

A Crossing in the Darkness

Leena Lehtolainen

The newest, standalone crime novel in the ever-popular Maria Kallio series! German and Finnish publication in Fall 2023!

International TV series sold in 10 territories!

The City of Espoo is being menaced by the “Biris” gang that steals designer clothing, phones, and jewelry from other youth. One night, one of the members is stabbed to death, in a case which seems clear. Maria’s unit is investigating while being threatened by a cut in funding.

Maria’s home feels empty as her children have left the nest. An acquaintance contacts Maria regarding sexual harassment, and Maria tries to help – but her intervention seems to make things worse. And as a boy goes missing from a children’s home and Biris threatens with revenge, Maria has her hands full.


Sara Medberg

Silk Sisters #3

The third installment of the internationally bestselling Silk Sisters series, a stunning romantic, feel-good adventure! Bridgerton meets Jane Austen’s Emma with Nordic heroines!

Mariam, the daughter of a highborn Persian lady and a Swedish tradesman, gets swept away in a breath-taking romantic adventure after she moves to Porvoo in the midst of Finnish War and becomes the talk of the whole city.

When her brother is arrested in Sweden, Mariam doesn’t hesitate in running to his aid. She’s read Jane Austen’s new novel Emma, whose independent heroine encourages Mariam to act. A mysterious baron promises to help her, but can she trust him? And why do his silvery eyes remind Mariam of something?

The Silk Sisters series has dazzled readers in Finland and abroad. Don a silk dress and let the story sweep you away!

Land of Serpents

Eeva Louko

Ronja Vaara #2

The second title in the Ronja Vaara crime series from the rising star of Finnish crime literature takes the reader to the shadows of a pulsing summer night.

A late spring heat wave caresses the people of Lauttasaari, and Ronja Vaara is pleasantly busy with her new job at the local newspaper. When the body of a young woman is found on Käärmesaari (Serpent Island) near Helsinki, Ronja’s new boss senses an opportunity to make the newspaper the prime source for any information on the case. Reluctantly, Ronja contacts the chief investigator Anton Koivu, who is surprisingly willing to leak confidential information to Ronja – if she does him a favor in return.

Soon, another death shocks the people of Lauttasaari. Koivu and his team pick up the pace to solve the cases, but a surprising guest from the past throws them off balance.

The Mystery of the Wrestling Woman

Laura Andersson

Lili Flame Investigates #2

Unlikely investigator Lili Flame who’s charmed readers faces a new tricky puzzle!

In early 1947, Helsinki gets to see something exciting when an unusual troupe of female wrestlers from America performs in the city.

Lili and Riku Loimola, together with their friends, enjoy the performance, but, after the show, chaos erupts in the area. One of the star performers has been shot – and struck with a knife. Why two methods of killing? Could there be two murderers, too?

The Helsinki police are not particularly interested in investigating the foreign woman’s murder, but Lili and Riku won’t give up – the victim deserves justice. A terrific journey begins into the colorful and circus-filled past of Joy Johnson!