Turkish and Danish deals for SANG!

We are thrilled to let you know that the first TWO deals for SANG by Elina Pitkäkangas have been closed!

The YA fantasy title was sold this week to Indigo Kitap in Turkey and in a two-book pre-empt deal to Straarup & Co in Denmark! The deals were closed by Elsa Lindström and Anna Kappauf respectively, both at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

This news follows the recent nomination of SANG for the Topelius Award, the jury of which praised the book:

“The dystopian novel upholds a beautiful and dark atmosphere in the state of Fusang. Sang is an epic story about a youngster trying to fight against the impossible circumstances of a totalitarian state. Kong Dawei joins the rebels, and breathtaking events follow one another. Pitkäkangas’ skill to conjure with believable details a whole world is enchanting. Our choices create a chain which not only joins us together, but also in the end defines who and what we are. Sang is a story about love, but above all it is a story about morale: all the things we are ready to do for one another.”

Download the materials for SANG here!


Elina Pitkäkangas introduces SANG


Elina Pitkäkangas

When a person’s value is determined by money and one’s happiness by family, what will be left when both are ripped away?

The state of Fusang is recovering from a war that ravaged the world. 16-year-old Kong Dawei, an earnest young man, is living in a poor mountain village and tries to pay his adopted siblings’ citizen dues by transporting contraband goods at night.

After a series of unfortunate events, Dawei ends up in the southern capital which is ruled by the cruel matriarch of the White Tiger Clan. When there is nothing else to lose, Dawei has only one goal: to get back to his loved ones – whatever it takes.

Sang is an addictive fantasy novel that travels through cold mountains and humid cities, noisy bazaars and opulent halls, and the world after the Black Rain, in which one’s value is measured in money.

The sequel Naraka is coming out in Finland autumn 2023, continuing Dawei’s story!

WSOY, September 2022, 496pp
Rights sold:
FINLAND: WSOY (orig. 2-book deal)
DENMARK: Straarup (2-book-deal)
TURKEY: Indigo Kitap

About author

Elina Pitkäkangas

Elina Pitkäkangas is an author from Nokia, Finland, and an active advocate of YA literature. She has studied creative writing and did hermaster's degree in the University of Helsinki majoring in literature. Her works seamlessly combine elements of fantasy, social criticism and moral questions. Her accolades include winning the Topelius Award 2023, the City of Tampere Literature Prize 2023, and the Kuvastaja Prize 2023. Pitkäkangas has written five novels and produces book-related videos to TikTok and Instagram on her channel @elinapitkakangas.


2023, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Elina Pitkäkangas

2022, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Elina Pitkäkangas