Bestseller News: Backman and Seeck topping Finland’s Bestseller Lists! Pulkkinen and Parkkinen climbing on the Bestseller Lists!

Bestseller News! 

We are thrilled to announce that according to the official Finnish Bestseller Lists for October 2022 Elina Backman joins Max Seeck as Finland’s official Bestseller Author! Both authors’ new novels are topping bestseller lists in October!  Read more below.

Another newcomer on the Bestseller List in October is Leena Parkkinen with her novel Miss Stein’s Cook (Neiti Steinin keittäjätär, Otava) being no. 17 on Hardback Fiction Bestseller List, whereas Riikka Pulkkinen with her title The Enchantment (”Lumo”, Otava) is no. 13.

Hanna Brotherus and For My Life (Henkeni edestä, Wsoy) is no. 6 on Fiction Bestseller List (all formats) and Hannele Lampela and Itty Bitty Princess’s Terrific Fairytales hits no. 9 on Children’s Bestseller List (all genres, all formats).

Congratulations to our Authors!

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Adult Fiction 

Internationally Bestselling Author Elina Backman is now Finland’s no. 4  bestselling fiction author (all formats) with her newest Saana Havas crime novel #3 Before The Polar Night Falls (Ennen kuin tulee pimeää, Otava) and  no. 3 in Audio books. 

Despite its steadiness, Before the Polar Night Falls is neither hesitante nor stomping around. It is more about fullness, a careful crafted story in which characters play a greater part than events or the acceleration of a crime solving process.”
–Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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New York Times Bestselling Author Max Seeck is now Finland’s no. 1 bestselling fiction author in e-books with his Jessica Niemi # 4 Archipelago (Loukko, Tammi) and Finland’s no. 2 bestselling fiction author in all formats. Jessica Niemi # 3 Last Grudge (Kauna) is no. 3 on the official paperback list.

 MAX SEECK’s earlier novels in the Jessica Niemi series have been impressive, but the series’ fourth book, The Archipelago, is the best to date. This is because it is a seamless and constrained whole that works superbly and also because in this work Seeck imbues his protagonist’s character with new, deeper sides.
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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Bestselling Author Hanna Brotherus is now Finland’s no. 6  bestselling fiction author (all formats) with her new novel For My Life (Henkeni edestä, WSOY) and her debut hit My Only Home (Ainoa kotini) is no. 9 on the official paperback bestseller list.

Hanna Brotherus has written a furiously honest narrative about an older woman’s exploration within herself.’”– Heidi Lakkala in Kaleva newspaper

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Bestselling author Riikka Pulkkinen is now no. 13 the Hardback Fiction Bestseller List with her title The Enchantment (”Lumo”, Otava)

Enchantment is a difficult and even unpleasant novel – and I do not mean this as a criticism. The work makes exceptionally bold and open use of fictional devices, and that’s risky.

– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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Bestselling author Leena Parkkinen is now no. 17 on the Hardback Fiction Bestseller List with her novel Miss Stein’s Cook (Neiti Steinin keittäjätär, Otava).

Miss Stein’s Cook is a thrilling and tensive, multi-sided and multi-layered, thematically rich novel with a strong sensual power. [–] The answer to the ‘What really happened there?’ mystery is skillfully avoided for so long that on one hand, the reader feels impatient, and on the other hastens their reading to find the answer. The unbearableness and loveliness of reading were real at least for me.”
– Kaisa Kurikka, Turun Sanomat newspaper

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Children’s Books

Bestselling author Hannele Lampela with her charming new ITTY BITTY PRINCESS’S Terrific Fairytales (Prinsessa Pikkiriikin hiukkasen hurjat sadut) is no. 9 bestselling Children’s Author (all formats, all genres). Ninka Reittu has illustrated these hilarious stories. Film news:  ITTY BITTY PRINCESS is being adapted to a feature film!

The whole series is engaging and one that will keep your child listening from beginning to end. Hannele Lampela has done an absolutely brilliant job of creating a little girl who is so sweet and kind, but also sometimes naughty and opinionated.” tiinatuulia.h Instagram

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