INHERITED LAND by Maria Turtschaninoff sold in a pre-empt to Germany!

Just before Frankfurt book fair, we are thrilled to announce that the German rights for INHERITED LAND (Arvejord) by internationally bestselling and award-winning author Maria Turtschaninoff have been pre-empted by German publisher Rowohlt! The deal was closed by Anna Kappauf at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency. Rowohlt is one of the biggest and most successful publishing houses on the German-speaking market. They will publish INHERITED LAND in their Kindler imprint, which focuses on literary commercial fiction  books that combine great storytelling with strong narrative voices and offer literary quality and entertainment at the same time.

INHERITED LAND has now been sold to 8 territories and counting – it is already our BIG BOOK in Frankfurt and we expect to announce more deals very soon. We recommend interested publishers to get in touch with us quickly to not miss out on this one-of-a-kind literary novel!

INHERITED LAND follows in the tradition of family sagas like One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, and the ancestral history holds a mirror up to the history of Finland as a nation, shown in this novel through snapshots of each character’s life. The original Finland-Swedish edition was published in August by Förlaget to excellent reviews, and the title is already in its second printing.

This is what Friederike Ney, Maria Turtschaninoff’s new German editor, had to say about why she wants to publish INHERITED LAND:

“I immediately had the feeling that this is something very special, something different from the rest, a story that stays with you for a long time. A novel with a strong concept, beautifully told and with topics many people can relate to. I love that nature plays such an important role and how it changes (and how we impose changes on it) and that you get an insight not only into so many different lives, but also into the history of so many centuries.”
Download the reading material for INHERITED LAND here.

Förlaget, 2022, 371 pp.

Swedish edition
English sample and synopsis

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