Bestseller News : Max Seeck Finland’s #1 Bestseller!

We are thrilled to announce that according to the official Finnish Bestseller Lists for September 2022 many of our Agency’s new fall titles are now Bestsellers in Finland! Congratulations to our Authors!

New York Times Bestselling Author Max Seeck is now Finland’s no. 1 bestselling fiction author with his Jessica Niemi # 4 “Archipelago” (“Loukko”, Tammi) on the official Bestseller List for September (hardback fiction) and Finland’s no. 3 bestselling author in all genres and in all formats. Jessica Niemi # 3 “Last Grudge” (“Kauna”) is no. 2 on the official paperback list.

Hooray & Huge Congratulations, Max!


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Adult Fiction

Max Seeck, The Archipelago (Loukko), was placed 1st as the best sold title in September (in all formats) and in audio and e-book 2nd.

 Max Seeck’s thrillers are already published in 40 territories, but instead of repeating some kind of success pattern, the author reinvents himself in every Jessica niemi-thriller. [–] A melancholy suspense story, which is so well written that one needs to take time to read it. Once you’ve started, you don’t want to put the book down unfinished.”

Kirjoja hyllystäni book blog

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Hanna Brotherus, For My Life was placed 6th best sold title in September  (all formats) and in audio 6th and 11th in e-books.

If anything’s confessional literature, it’s this book. [—] Brotherus writes beautifully. She experiments
with all kinds of metaphors and images, studies and twists her thoughts… [—] At its best, her style is
fresh and precise. [—] MY ONLY HOME is proof that Brotherus has talent for literature.”
– Noora Vaarala, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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Riikka Pulkkinen, The Enchantment was placed 11th best sold title in September (print) and in e-book 8th.

The skillful text carries different atmospheres and balances between them, hlding the reader on a knife’s edge waiting what happens next. Pulkkinen’s text is rich with details that build a strong landscape both in the visual and physical sense. How can a text be this light and heavy at the same time? [–] Pulkkinen is an incredibly skillful, clever, deep author with a clear voice of her own, and she’s again managed to capture a great image on the pages with almost magical skills.”
–Heidi Heinonen in Kaleva newspaper

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Vera Vala, The Italian Game was placed 15th best sold title in September (all formats) and in audio 16th.

The Italian Game begins a new crime series, and this opening title is impressing, the language and style are polished, and the narration keeps one in its grip until the end. [–] The Italian Game is also a novel about the depths of mind and memory and about facing a strongly rooted fear. The ending of this exciting title turned out to surprise me!”
– Jari Olavi Hiltunen in Satakunnan kansa newspaper

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Children’s Books 

Hannele Lampela, Benjamin Bateman was placed 13th best sold title in September (print)

Humour, excitement, great colours,short chapters, good message.”
-lahiomutsi Instagram

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Hannele Lampela, Itty Bitty Princess and the Truth About Babies was placed 7th in best sold title in September (e-books)

Itty Bitty Princess and the (Awful) Truth About Babies is a warm, funny and sweet story that will solve many questions and will save some grownups from having that “uncomfortable” talk. Most important of all, Itty Bitty brings to the conversation the diversity and richness among all families, parents, siblings and guardians.”
-María José González Camarena, Children’s and YA Managing Editor 

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