Introducing: EALA Fall 2022 Fiction Catalogue!

We are thrilled to present our Fiction Catalogue for Fall 2022: Excellent Literary Fiction works by award-winning, bestselling and debut authors, examining truth and make-believe as well as unique historical novels, titles about death and life. Our Crime List is expanding with new exciting voices: from psychological thrillers to true crime.

From our new catalogue, we’ve picked some outstanding titles for you – take a look at them below!

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by Riikka Pulkkinen

This shiningly beautiful novel is an autopsy of girlhood, power, and truth.

Riikka Pulkkinen is a shining star in Finnish literature whose novel True sold to 19 territories! 

Philippa Laakso, aged seventeen, is found dead in her yard at home. Nothing suggests a crime, and everyone who knew her is certain she wasn’t suicidal. On the other hand, all who knew her seem to hold a differing view of her. The investigation sees them being interviewed, but behind every view and story is Philippa’s influence.

Riikka Pulkkinen’s anticipated novel examines the power and comfort of make-believe and the thin line between love and play. Every character in the novel sees Philippa in his or her own way, as a mirror for fantasizing, anger, aspirations, comfort, and freedom, and uses their perceived image of Philippa to their own ends.


Inherited Land

by Maria Turtschaninoff

An episodic work of literary fiction depicting humans’ relationship with nature across generations.

First adult novel by Maria Turtschaninoff whose The Red Abbey Chronicles sold to 31 territories!

INHERITED LAND tells multiple enchanting stories about short human lives on a small farmstead in the north of Finland with its golden cloudberries and the mythical woodland animals. The hub of the narrative is a marsh close to the farmstead, and nature is the constant while humans are like dragonflies: here one day, gone the next. Across four centuries, the people face wars, epidemics, and heartbreaks, but from the woods they find shelter and a place to be themselves.

INHERITED LAND is a novel about the climate crisis without ever mentioning it by name. Instead, the novel explores what people have thought about their environment, how they have used it and why. The novel is a reminder of where we have come from, and what a relationship between humans and nature could look like in the future.


The Night of Ancient Lights

by Hanna Meretoja

Close friends come together to watch a chain of bonfires blaze across the archipelago as the proximity of death ignites an intense passion for life.

For readers of Rachel Cusk and Maggie Nelson

Elea has just heard that she is seriously ill and wants to share with friends the sense of urgency that shakes her to her core. The push-and-pull of hope and despair permeates the narration that flows in the rhythm of the sea, in dialogue with Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book.

This intellectually fierce and passionate one-evening novel threads philosophical reflections into deeply intimate perceptions in a way that readers of Rachel Cusk and Maggie Nelson will recognize.

The novel has received glowing reviews – it has been praised for its lyrical language, wisdom and boldness, complex philosophical reflection on illness, precise narration, and passion for life, love and nature.


The Italian Game

by Vera Vala

“The heart of darkness is in the human mind.”

Elena Ferrante meets Jo Nesbo!

The Greater Milan area lives in fear. A mysterious stalker is terrorizing people, and a serial killer called the Harlequin is picking their victims. Are the two cases connected?

Salla Kotka, starting her career as a forensic psychologist, gets pulled into the threatening chain of events as she begins working for a defense attorney. Their client is the suspected serial killer, and Salla needs to help the defense uncover the truth. But, in the end, does truth carry any value in the courtroom?

To make matters worse, her new job seems like a battlefield, mined by suspicious colleagues and hostile clients. While Salla examines the darkest sides in others, she is also trying to understand her own past. Can she trust anyone, even herself?


Unsolved – The Case of Elli Immo

by Elina Backman & Heidi Holmavuo

A true crime story of a murder committed 67 years ago and the case being reopened based on the work of two private detectives.

In 1955, a young woman, Elli, was found murdered near her home in a small town in Northern Finland. Her father, who worked as a policeman, had also died in suspicious circumstances. Elli’s murder, however, remained unsolved. In 1972, a group of police officers demanded reopening the murder investigation, citing destroyed evidence and protection of someone involved.

Based on this claim, crime writers Elina Backman and Heidi Holmavuo started investigating the case in the 2020s. They travelled to the town of Kemi where the murder happened, interviewed locals and heard chilling things previously kept secret. Based on their research, the police decided to reopen the investigation.


In Your Shadow

by Martta Kaukonen

The great post -#MeToo thriller about past trauma and the hunger for justice.

A new thriller by Martta Kaukonen whose debut Follow the Butterfly sold to 13 territories! 

The harassment of women should be kept silent no longer, a small group of activists declares and demands justice. But at what price?

When #metoo spread through the media like wildfire, victims of harassment felt hopeful. But the fire died, and things did not change. Traumas did not disappear, and justice is yet to come.

Sixty-year-old Anne hosts meetings for a group of people who will not be silenced. They start rehearsing a performance as an apology to the victims of harassment. Among them are acclaimed actress Minna, who has spoken about her experiences publicly, former straight-A student Suvi who doesn’t want to leave her home anymore out of fear, and performance artist Roni who’s looking to upgrade his feminism from words to actions. Can they trust each other? Are they driven by a desire for justice or a wish for revenge?