Introducing: EALA Fall 2022 Children’s & Young Adult Catalogue!

We are thrilled to present our Children’s & YA Catalogue for Fall 2022: An epic novel about love and power, a YA thriller by Finland’s bestselling female crime author, and beloved fairytales with new twists, inspiring stories and enchanting adventures by bestselling and award-winning authors and illustrators.

From our new catalogue, we’ve picked some hot titles for you – take a look at them below!

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by Elina Pitkäkangas

When a person’s value is determined by money and happiness by family, what will happen when boht are ripped away? An epic novel about love and power in a fictional East Asia of the future! 

The state of Fusang is recovering from a war that ravaged the world. 16-year-old Kong Dawei, an earnest young man, is living in a poor mountain village and tries to pay his adopted siblings’ citizen dues by transporting contraband goods at night.

After a series of unfortunate events, Dawei ends up in the southern capital which is ruled by the cruel matriarch of the White Tiger Clan. When there is nothing else to lose, Dawei has only one goal: to get back to his loved ones – whatever it takes.

Sang is an addictive fantasy novel that travels through cold mountains and humid cities, noisy bazaars and opulent halls, and the world after the Black Rain, in which one’s value is measured in money.


The Crossing of the Green Dragon

by Leena Lehtolainen

The Crossing of the Green Dragon is a YA thriller about loss and the power of friendship. About things that one doesn’t want to reveal to adults. About a world where fear and hope are entangled in each other, and where nobody makes it on their own.

Who has painted the image of a green dragon taking flight on the electronic box at the crossroads? Why does it keep appearing again and again, despite being washed and painted over?

High school freshman Viggo knows  the original painting was done by his brother Joel shortly before his disappearance, over two years ago. The police have no leads whatsoever. Did he leave of his own volition or is he the victim of a crime?

Meanwhile, young Selma visits the dragon to seek a connection with her deceased friend Sennu, with whom she played dragons as a kid. Selma’s sibling Savu has worries of their own. A gang idolizing roadman culture has managed to extort Savu to join them in stealing designed clothes. Selma doesn’t want to idly watch Savu’s demise. Can she gather the courage to share her worries with Sennu’s father, who works with the police?


Thelma the Tenacious Witch Series

by Satu Varjonen, ill. Mari Luoma

A humorous and magical series about the adventures of a young witch girl, written by Satu Varjonen with gleeful illustrations by Mari Luoma!

Thelma, the sweet-hearted young witch, has always lived with her grandmother, so the ways of other people are a bit strange to her. When she starts school, she finds not everyone sees things the way she does, and there are mishaps and headaches to come, before differences are accepted!

There are two books in the series so far, with more to come!


Little Mouse’s Fables

by Riikka Jäntti

Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse dive together into the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and discuss them. A charming and cheerful book for small readers and all Little Mouse’s friends! 

Little Mouse loves storytime. Together with Mommy Mouse, they read the Grimm classics: Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Wishes, Sweet Porridge, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more! Riikka Jäntti’s lovely illustrations depict the mouseified adventures in these classic tales.


Itty Bitty Princess’s Teeny Bit Terrific Fairy Tales

by Hannele Lampela, ill. Ninka Reittu

The hero of all mischief-makers, Itty Bitty Princess, tells us seven familiar stories from the perspective of the teeny bit naughty! 

Have you ever thought of how a witch feels when her magnificent gingerbread house is eaten? Or the fairy who doesn’t get invited to a birthday party? Indeed, probably not so good.

Itty Bitty Princess has noticed that the ones who are already kind are the ones who always win the battles. Like her little brother. That’s why she has decided to tell a few stories from the side of the scoundrels, like the dragon that gets constantly poked by swords. After all, Itty Bitty Princess knows what it’s like to be kind and naughty at the same time.