Excellent Reviews for New Books in EALA Fall Catalogue!

New books, new reviews

We are really happy to share some excellent reviews and wonderful praise for our Fall Catalogue New Books which are already creating buzz internationally.

Praise for The Italian Game by Vera Vala

 The title has both psychological and societal depth, which make the novel a fully rounded one. [It] for example examines the differences between the Italian and Finnish culture. [–] In my opinion the psychological expertise of the author is especially rewarding.
– Kirjakaapin kummitus blog

The Italian Game is a true cornucopia. I loved the descriptions of Italy, its society and the life style of the Italians. [–] I liked the charaters, they are considerably more well-rounded and psychologically more sound than those usually seen in crime novels. [The Finnish] Salla Kotka is an interesting protagonist both for her intelligence and for her traumas and darkness.
– Marin kirjailijat blog

Italialainen peli
WSOY, August 2022, 414 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: WSOY (orig.)

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Praise for The Night of Ancient Lights by Hanna Meretoja

 Overall Hanna Meretoja’s  The Night of Ancient Lights s a magnificent novel. It is immensely inspiring, a narrative that praises life and humanity in its diverse lights and shades, a kind of ode to life and love. Anyone who reflects on nature and humanity and their relationship should read this book.
– Vartija

Meretoja’s debut novel is a direct hit. The Night of Ancient Lights is also a very stylish literary work. The narration with its richly coloured imagery is characterized by precision. The narration is impressively graphic.
– Satakunnan Kansa

WSOY, June 2022, 462 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: WSOY (orig.)

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Praise for In Your Shadow by Martta Kaukonen

 Martta Kaukonen’s IN YOUR SHADOW is an undeniably impactful work. Narratively, the book is compelling: the story reveals clues about the characters’ past and motives in small pieces and in a carefully thought-out sequence.
– Dekkarihelmenkalastaja Instagram  

Sinun varjossasi
WSOY, July 2022, 276 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: WSOY (orig.)

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Praise for Moonday Letters By Emmi Itäranta

 The resulting narrative brilliantly weaves together its two central questions: whether one marriage can survive, and whether humanity can find a way to thrive that does not ultimately rest on exploitation and inequality.” 

The Guardian

Kuunpäivän kirjeet
Teos, September 2020, 336 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: Teos (orig.), CZECHIA: Albatros Media, HUNGARY: Metropolis Media Group, WORLD ENGLISH (print, e-book): Titan Books ; WORLD ENGLISH (audio): Recorded Books

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Praise for Miss Stein’s Cook Leena Parkkinen

 Miss Stein’s Cook is a thrilling and tensive, multi-sided and multi-layered, thematically rich novel with a strong sensual power. [–] The answer to the ‘What really happened there?’ mystery is skillfully avoided for so long that on one hand, the reader feels impatient, and on the other hastens their reading to find the answer. The unbearableness and loveliness of reading were real at least for me.

-Kaisa Kurikka, Turun Sanomat

Neiti Steinin keittäjätär
Otava, August 2022, 464 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

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Praise for The Magician’s Daughters by Emmi Pesonen

Emmi Pesonen’s The Magician’s Daughters takes a skillful deep dive into the essence of memories, the heavy weight of family, the complex cores of relationships. [–] The children’s perspective unfolds masterfully, and their worries and worlds come movingly close to the reader. [–] Pesonen carries the story well, and the clear narration gives it space without extra flourishes. And the best thing is that The Magician’s Daughters stays in one’s mind for a long while.

-Johanna Suominen, Savon Sanomat

Taikurin tyttäret
Otava, August 2022, 267 pp.

Rights sold: FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

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