London 2022: new non-fiction and fiction deals and bestsellers

We’re thrilled to announce new non-fiction and fiction deals, and to highlight our bestsellers for London 2022!

Take a look at these hot titles below – maybe one of them is the right one for you?



Bestseller: more than 30,000 copies sold in Finland
Total rights sold: 13 territories

The Latvian rights for Jessikka Aro’s PUTIN’S TROLLS have been acquired by Pētergailis, while the German rights have been acquired by Goldmann Verlag of Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe!

We are thrilled to be publishing Finnish investigative journalist Jessikka Aro’s deep dive into the mechanisms of the (des-)information war the Kremlin is waging against anyone valuing free speech, freedom and democracy. Her weaving together of personal experiences with the greater dimensions of Russia’s modern online warfare makes for a read both eye-opening, intriguing – and absolutely essential in these times of war and suffering!
– Doreen Fröhlich, Editorial Director Nonfiction, Goldmann Verlag, Penguin Random House Verlagsgruppe GmbH

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Recent deals: INDONESIA
Published: Penguin Random House US
Total rights sold: 4 territories

The Indonesian rights for Katja Pantzar’s EVERYDAY SISU have been acquired by the publisher Gramedia Pustakama, who have also published Katja’s previous book, the international bestseller FINNISH WAY!

Rights have been previously acquired by Hojosha in Japan and Flying Bear Co. in Thailand. Penguin Random House/TarcherPerigee published the original work in the US this March!

Katja and her EVERYDAY SISU have recently been featured in The Washington Post:

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Recent deals: ITALY, POLAND 
Bestseller: more than 10,000 copies sold in Finland
Total rights sold: 5 territories

The Italian rights were acquired by Newton Compton Editori, part of the Mauri Spagnol Publishing Group, while the Polish rights were sold to the publishing house Czwarta Strona, the crime imprint at Poznańskie!

MURDER ON THE ISLE OF BLISS is an intriguing opening of the series: the island setting, three girlfriends who solve the murder mystery, hidden emotions that simmer just under the surface of everyday life. The characters seem to fall deeper and deeper into the past, at the same time trying to come to terms with the present relationships. Everyone may turn out to be a suspect. A great, very atmospheric book!
– Paulina Surniak, Rights Manager, Czwarta Strona

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Recent deals: GERMANY
Bestseller: more than 66,000 copies sold in Finland
Total rights sold: 3 territories

MY ONLY HOME by Hanna Brotherus has been pre-empted by Ullstein, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Germany! Ullstein has also pre-empted Hanna Brotherus’s upcoming novel FOR MY LIFE, that will be published in Finland in September 2022 by WSOY.

MY ONLY HOME is a breathtaking, infectious book. Not only is it written with rare personal urgency, we believe it will be read and experienced by its readers in a highly personal way – by everyone who has children, everyone who has siblings, a partner, a mother. It is alive with honesty, animated by the quest for truth, and driven by a deep yearning for peace. We are happy and proud to welcome Hanna Brotherus at Ullstein and introduce her incredible voice to German-language readers.
– Karsten Kredel, Publisher and CEO, Ullstein Verlag, Germany

Reading materials: English sample & synopsis – download here