Bologna 2022: new children’s deals and bestsellers!

We’re thrilled to announce new children’s deals and to highlight bestsellers for Bologna 2022! Take a look at these lovely titles below – maybe one of them is the right one for you?

This week’s deal: World Arabic Rights!

Total rights sold: 5 languages!

We’re thrilled to share that the World Arabic Rights to the lovely MINI SCIENCE series have been acquired by Sefsafa in Egypt!

“As an Arab publisher, we think that Mini science series introduces the Arab kid to principles of science in a fun and encouraging way. Our message is: science can be fun too. It is a journey a kid can start today with a book, and continues throughout his whole life.”
-Eman Naguib, Children’s editor, Sefsafa

Reading materials: English pdfs – download here!


Last week sold to: Italy
Total rights sold: 7 territories

We’re happy to announce that the Italian rights to the beloved and hilarious series have been sold to Terre di Mezzo!

The book has a punk song’s captivating and exciting rhythm, which drags the reader into a whirlwind of absurdity, continually stimulates his/her curiosity, and makes him/her laugh.”
– Eleonora Armali, Editor, Terre di Mezzo

Materials available: English samples & synopses – download here 


Last week sold to: The Netherlands
Total rights sold: 24 territories!

We’re thrilled to announce the Dutch publisher De Vier Windstreken has acquired the rights to the 3rd title in the series!

The best-selling and internationally loved series has been a worldwide success, but rights are still available in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Iceland, Croatia, China, etc.

Reading materials: full English PDFs for books 1-3 and the text for book 4 – download here!


Recently renewed by Mondadori Italy! 

We are proud to represent the best-selling Finnish YA series, translated to impressive 52 languages and with a Hollywood TV show in development!

It’s exciting to be part of something BIG, and we are so happy to be on this journey with the wonderful Simukka publishers around the world!

“We are very proud to be the Italian publisher of Salla Simukka’s “Snow White Trilogy”. Being part of this big family is an honor.
We are pretty sure that the tv show will give Salla’s trilogy a new life and make her novels reach a new generation of readers who will fall for Lumikki and her story.
Actually, as all her readers, we cannot wait to see how the atmospheres and the characters of Salla’s novels have been translated into images and sounds. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long…”

– Simona Casonato, Young Adult Editor, Mondadori Italy

Materials available: English pdfs for the whole trilogy: download here


This month sold to: Czech preublic

Total rights sold: 5 languages

We’re excited that the series with the resourceful, clever and lovely Princess Rascal has been acquired by Albatros Media in Czech Republic!

A lovely, cute heroin and her true and funny stories caught my heart, not only as an editor, but especially as a mom. I´m sure all families will definitely love Princess Rascal and her pure baby heart.
Zuzana Neubauerová, Albatros Media, Czech Republic

Reading materials: Full English pdfs for all 3 titles in the series – download here!


Recently sold to: Hungary

Winner of the Tieto-Lauri award for the Best Children’s Non-Fiction title of 2021!

Children today grow up among worldwide ecological crises. It presents a great challenge for nonfiction literature: how to tell children about the complex phenomena in an easily understandable way and give factually based hope that even the hardest crises can be solved. Ertimo and Ahokoivu have successfully taken on this challenge.
– Tieto-Lauri Jury

Reading materials: English sample – download here!


Recently sold to: Poland

Total rights sold: 18 territories!

We’re excited to share that our wonderful friend Little Mouse will charm the hearts of Polish readers next, published by Filia!
Full of realism and humor stories about feisty Little Mouse and her Mother Mouse will be loved by Polish readers.
Riikka Jantti creates her characters with universality and tender mindfulness, which changes well known every-day reality into adventure for both children and adults.
We are certain that Riikka Jantti, who led the short forms to mastery, will find masses of fans in Poland.

– Natalia Szenrok-Brożyńska, Project manager, Filia, Poland

Reading materials: full English pdfs – download here!