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EALA Spring 2022 Children’s & YA Rights Guide is here!

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Today, we cannot be happier to launch our 2022 Spring list!

Figure out how to become a researcher, notice robots among us, solve secret codes and find out, how can plants move and where have thousands of species disappeared.

Celebrate a birthday with Little Mouse, build robots with Kati-e, see the pirate ships hit the shores near Little Shop of Nghtmares, meet the Super Embarassed Superhero and discover with Oboi the land where nobody reads.
To read a captivating story of rebellion, hope and humanity, go to water-covered future Japan with Aleksei and Satomi.

If you need a break go to an island with Anni  – but beware – a treasure hunt is about to begin!
If you are looking for ghost stories, move into a mysterious manor with Agnes and see the shadow in the mirror. Or go to Lapland to an orphanage, where children’s emotions are robbed by Demons.

We have over 10 exciting new Children’s and YA titles for you in our Spring 2022 digital catalogue, browse the full list here.

by Veera Salmi

In the city where nobody reads – can a book save the World? What about an orphaned boy who doesn’t believe in stories?

A spectacular novel about a world where literacy has been decimated and a boy who does not believe in stories. Thirteen-year-old Oboi has run away to find his former homestead. He ends up in a peculiar and disaster-stricken city where no one knows how to read. People are led by the mysterious Wanda, who, via devices hooked up to one’s palm, says what everyone should know or do. At a flea market, Oboi meets a woman who gives him a book. According to her, this book can change everything and help find what Oboi thought was lost forever. Suddenly the story-averse Oboi notices he has become the hero, that orphaned boy deemed to save the whole world.Download the English sample and synopsis here

by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Pasi PitkänenWhat if your superhero costume looked like a butterfly and your only superpowers would be having a good heart and an imagination?Welcome to the embarrassing life of Benjamin Bateman!The wholly hilarious and thrilling adventures of a super embarrassing superhero for middle-graders!Benjamin Bateman is stunned when he finds out that he is part of a family of superheroes. Who would’ve believed that about poor Benjamin?
Benjamin’s superhero costume is quite embarrassing though – a butterfly. And his superpower is even more mortifying – a good heart and imagination! But when Benjamin must battle the terrifying Mortem, a deep imagination will come in handy.
The story is enriched by the colorful illustrations of Pasi Pitkänen. A movie is being planned based on the title.Download the materials here

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Aapo Ravantti

Robots are all around us and we don’t even notice

  • Laura Ertimo’s Children’s non-fiction titles have sold to 18 countries
  • Pre-publication rights already sold to Estonia!

Friends Ro and Bot take a look at where one might bump into robots both now and in the future in this entertaining illustrated book. What do robots and humans have in common, and how do they differ?  Do robots think, can they have a crush on someone or even get mad?

Everything becomes clear in this amazing book by award-winning, bestselling children’s non-fiction author Laura Ertimo.

Download the reading materials here


Aleksei is a young man whose father runs a human research institute in Tokyo, which is now partly covered by the sea. New batches of test subjects regularly arrive at the facility, including one with Satomi, a young woman whose memory is set to be erased. Satomi becomes Aleksei’s trial case, since he is meant to continue his father’s work. But something is already churning beneath the surface, and the younger generation can see the horrors of the system their parents have created.

Anne-Maija Aalto’s Finlandia Award-winning Where the Light Comes In is a tremendously skillful, captivating story of rebellion, hope and humanity.

Download the English sample for this Finlandia-winner here!


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We have 6 more exciting new Children’s and YA titles for you in our Spring 2022 digital catalogue, browse the full list here.

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