German rights for THE BOOK OF OBOI sold to Cross Cult!

We are really glad to let you know that the German rights to Veera Salmi’s THE BOOK OF OBOI have now been sold!
The deal was closed by Toomas Aasmäe at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

The new publisher is Cross Cult and they are really happy:

„The Book of Oboi” is a suspenseful adventure for middle-grade readers. This book is a great way to get children interested in literacy and the written language in general and to show them, that books are not only letters or words – there are fantastic thoughts and whole worlds in them.
– Andreas Mergenthaler, Cross Cult, Germany

Download the English sample and synopsis here

by Veera Salmi

In the city where nobody reads – can a book save the World? What about an orphaned boy who doesn’t believe in stories?

A spectacular novel about a world where literacy has been decimated and a boy who does not believe in stories. Thirteen-year-old Oboi has run away to find his former homestead. He ends up in a peculiar and disaster-stricken city where no one knows how to read. People are led by the mysterious Wanda, who, via devices hooked up to one’s palm, says what everyone should know or do. At a flea market, Oboi meets a woman who gives him a book. According to her, this book can change everything and help find what Oboi thought was lost forever. Suddenly the story-averse Oboi notices he has become the hero, that orphaned boy deemed to save the whole world.

Otava January 2022, 304 pp.

Age group: 10+


FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
GERMANY: Cross Cult

English sample and synopsis

About author

Veera Salmi

Veera Salmi is a Helsinki-based writer, who has worked over 15 years as a kindergarten teacher. The real starting point for her career as a writer was given by the children in the kindergarten, who said they wanted to hear stories of children who live in the city. So she started writing such stories. Now Veera Salmi is a bestselling author of over 20 books.


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