We are very happy to announce the third international rights sale for Tuutikki Tolonen’s AGNES AND THE MYSTERIOUS MANOR! Rights have been acquired by Portál in the Czech Republic!
The deal was closed by Toomas Aasmäe at Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency


I really like the stories with Agnes. They are mysterious and have an atmosphere. Some things are unsaid in the book, so the reader can understand the book the way he/she wants. The story leads children to think about their family’s history and take the interest in the lives of their grandparents. This is very important. The story combines old and the wise with new and young.
– Hana Zobacova, editor, Portál, Czech Republic

AGNES AND THE MYSTERIOUS MANOR is the second title in the Middle Grade (8-12 years)  series, Agnes. The first title AGNES AND THE GARDEN OF DREAMS will be published in 6 countries.

The series is illustrated by talented Kati Vuorento.

Download the materials for both titles here.

Middle Grade (8-12 Years)Agnes and her mother have inherited a beautiful old villa, but there seems to be something strange about it. There is a lovely scent of flowers in the air, even though there’s no flowers in the houses. Every morning, the lid of an old piano is found open even though no one has been playing it. More importantly, why can they hear steps on the staircase to the attic?
Rights sold: FINLAND: WSOY (orig.), CZECH REPUBLIC:Portál, ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat, ROMANIA: Editura Paralela 45

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Middle Grade (8-12 Years)11-years-old Agnes has to move to a small countryside town with her mother. Her parents are divorced, and Agnes doesn’t know anyone from her new hometown. She is not having the best summer of her life. But then something weird happens. Agnes finds an old tombstone that has her name and birthday engraved on it – only the birth year is different. Whose grave is it? And after the visit to the cemetery she starts to have very mysterious dreams. It feels like someone who lived a long time ago is trying to tell something to her… Is it possible that these two Agneses from different times have some connection?
Rights sold: FINLAND: WSOY (orig.), CZECH REPUBLIC: Portál, s. r. o., DENMARK: ABC Forlag, ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat, GERMANY: Carlsen Verlag, RUSSIA: Rosman

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About author

Kati Vuorento

Kati Vuorento is an illustrator living and working in Espoo, Finland: ”In small details there is an infinite magic. I want my illustrations to stir emotion in the audience. Empathizing is important to me. In my illustrations, I always include approachable characteristics to even the most hardened anti-hero. This is how I mold the characters into personalities with depth and dimension.”

She is the illustrator of middle-grade Agnes Series by Tuutikki Tolonen that in 2021 was nominated for the Arvid Lydecken Award, received an honorable mention for the Runeberg Junior Award, and won the Luku Varkaus Award!

About author

Tuutikki Tolonen

Tuutikki Tolonen is the author of several acclaimed children’s books, plays and academic articles. For Monster Nanny she received the Arvid Lydecken award. She teaches creative writing and has worked as an editor and reporter at Vinski, a Finnish literary magazine for children. Her inspiration for the Monster Nanny trilogy sparked during a family breakfast. “My son Leo, then six, said: ‘I heard on the radio yesterday that all moms have to go on vacation and monsters will take their places,” she says.

Tolonen is currently writing the Agnes series, of which the first book "Agnes and the Garden of Dreams" was in 2021 nominated for the Arvid Lydecken Award, received an honorable mention for the Runeberg Junior Award, and won the Luku Varkaus Award.