Introducing new author Hanna Brotherus and MY ONLY HOME

We are extremely happy to announce our new author Hanna Brotherus! Please join us in welcoming her on board!

Dancer, director and choreographer Hanna Brotherus is without a doubt one of the top names in Finnish contemporary dance. Her work is constantly addressing and probing the prevalent questions of society.

Brotherus is a pioneer in community stage art, with an extraordinary ability to unite different groups of people and collaborators. Her partners have, among others, included the Finnish National Opera, the Helsinki City Theatre, the Tampere Worker’s Theatre TTT and the Finnish National Theatre. In her work, Brotherus has managed to unreservedly involve both cutting-edge artistic professionals, recovering addicts, daycare children, the elderly and many more.

With her debut novel ’My Only Home’, Hanna Brotherus has also redeemed her place as a writer. Her book has become a bestseller with 50.000 copies sold and presently Hanna is working on a new title.MY ONLY HOME is also on the top lists of most listened audiobooks on both Storytel and BookBeat in 2021.

Hanna’s exceptional experience as a performing dance artist also contributes creatively to her writing by offering a corporeal perspective that touches the readers in a unique way.

”My passion is to join together different people from different backgrounds and age groups. I believe in intuition, in the power of the touch and presence”.

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When her children leave their home, the woman wants to take a deep dive into the past. She wants to understand all the lives she has lived. She wants to examine whose have been the eyes she has seen herself through, who have been the ones she has yearned to walk beside her, and to understand what she still has ahead of her. And she wants to begin anew anything that is possible.

An uncompromising journey into the truth behind the memories begins. The gates are wide open when the woman realizes that she is the most important person in her life. Her body is her only home.

Hanna Brotherus’ debut novel plumbs through a woman’s different life stages without too much embellishment and in a relatable way.

’My Only Home’ is a fearless auto-fictive novel about the frenzy for life and the acceptance of incompleteness.

In six months, ‘My Only Home’ has already sold more than 50.000 copies and it has been reprinted six times. The reader feedback emphasizes just how moving the striking honesty in the book is and how well one can identify with it. The book moves you, touches you, cleanses you and makes a profound impact on you.

Ainoa kotini, WSOY, 2021, 331 pp.

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