Now 5 languages for HOMESTEAD! Azerbaijani rights sold to Alatoran!

We are extremely happy to announce that Azerbaijani rights for Ann-Luise Bertell’s epic literary fiction title HOMESTEAD have been acquired by Alatoran!

Alatoran is also the Azerbaijani publisher for Sergey Dovlatov, Stefan Zveig, Jürgen Habermas, Arthur Conan Doyle, Margaret Atwood and Maria Turtschaninoff.
Ann-Luise Bertell’s epic novel HOMESTEAD was published in 2020 and has already been acquired in Georgia and Estonia and was nominated for both Finlandia Prize and Runeberg Prize 2020.

Download the English sample and synopsis for HOMESTEAD here


Ann-Luise Bertell’s HOMESTEAD talks about how love and trauma are passed on from one generation to another. This intense family chronicle asks the question; what is the price you have to pay, if you never get to be yourself? Ann-Luise Bertell writes an epic tale with a great drive, crystallized in scenes with strong sensual sensations, full of rich emotions.

Ann-Luise Bertell in an author and a theater director, born 1971 in Oravais, Finland. She has gratuated from Finnish Theater Academy, and debuted as a writer in 1997 with the collection of poems, ‘Rus av gul’, and has since written poems, short stories, a children’s book, plays and two novels. Turn around my longing (Vänd om min längtan, 2016), was awarded the Yle Prize and the Choreus Prize. Her second novel Homestead (Heiman) was published in 2020 and was nominated for the Finlandia Prize.

Ann-Luise has been Wasa Theatre’s director since 2020, but also a mother of three, dog owner, hiker, seeker, spy and bookworm.


Förlaget, 2020, 381pp


FINLAND (in Swedish): Förlaget (orig.)

ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
FINLAND (in Finnish): Tammi
GEORGIA: Merebashvilitykesson
SWEDEN: Förlaget



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