EALA Fall 2021 Children’s Rights Guide is here!

EALA Fall 2021 Rights Guide is here!

Frankfurt season starts now!

Enter the red carpet with Anni, meet the girls Varpu and Saga and their fragile summer love or get lost in Nordic Horror? The choice is yours!

We have 9 exciting new Children’s and YA titles for you in our Fall 2021 digital catalogue, browse the full list here.


Nordic Horror Series by A.R.S. Horkka

When the days are short, the nightmares are long.

Nordic Horror is an anthology series. Each novel introduces a new main character with fast-paced, original, and fun-to-read plots representing different horror subgenres with a Nordic twist. Furthermost, the stories are honest and emotional studies of their protagonists – about the fears that have made them who they are and how they still have to face the biggest of them all in the form of a monster.

The first “season” of seven books has already been acquired by Tammi in Finland, and the first book Cold will be published in 2022.

#1: Cold
I dont live in the cold, the cold lives in me.

When six-year-old Armas loses his parents in a plane accident, he is sent to a remote orphanage in northern Lapland, where children are called “hot bloods” who need to be “cooled down.”
What people don’t know is that by “cooling down”, children are actually losing their emotions to demons. Now 16-year-old Armas has to get all his emotions back by killing every monster in the process, including the oldest and the most dangerous of them all – the demon queen called the Snow Lady.


In the Dark I Can Be Yours
by Salla Simukka

If your love can only be a secret, will it last?Varpu and Saga are two sixteen-year-old girls that are forced to stay in their hometown for the summer. After just one drunken kiss, prejudice and identity are shattered and it’s revealed how behind the facade, everyone hurts and loves the same. In The Dark I Can be Yours is a touching and beautiful title about great emotions in the summer.

The authentic characters are supported by Simukka’s light and airy narrative. Each side of the book tells one girl’s story, which effortlessly melts together into a summer of love, insecurities, and exploration of two young people.


Anni the Friend Tamer on The Red Carpet
by Kaisa Paasto, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu

If doing good was easy, everyone would do it!

Anni is inspired to do something good. Her class is shown a news clip about a hurricane in Brazil, and in the clip Anni sees a girl with a t-shirt exactly like one that Anni has in her closet.

She is moved to do something. With her friend Riia she starts to make a movie that will be shown in the library auditorium, to collect money for charity work in Brazil. But everything does not go as planned – the movie is hijacked by “the pink girls”. Anni’s mom is also in a crisis. It doesn’t look like she is going to make money with her blog, but she doesn’t know what else to do with her life. If Anni is not short on something, it’s ideas!

In the second title of the series, Anni learns that doing good is surprisingly easy – and surprisingly hard. The secret might after all be… teamwork.


… but that is not all!

We have 6 more exciting new Children’s and YA titles for you in our Fall 2021 digital catalogue, browse the full list here.

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