Now 7 territories for MABEL MERRYWEATHER series!

We are really excited to let you know that Znak Emotikon from Poland has now pre-empted the rights for Noora Kunnas’ MABEL MERRYWEATHER series!

Natalia Sikora from the Polish publisher Znak Emotikon was really glad and said:

We really loved all the characters from Noora Kunnas’s series, but our absolute favorite is Mabel – this quirky, funny lady! These books have everything the good book for children should have – exciting action, humor, mystery, magic and a bit of… anarchy. We are sure Polish kids will love it as we do!
– Natalia Sikora, Acquisition Editor, Znak Emotikon, Poland on Mabel Merryweather series

MABEL MERRYWEATHER series by Noora Kunnas and illustrations by Teemu Juhani will be published in 7 countries, but is still available in Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Czechia, Romania, US, Turkey, Latvia etc.

Download the English samples for the Mabel Merryweather series here


About the books:

Book 1: Mabel Merryweather and the Miniature Pirates
Otava 2019, 140 pp.
Nick and Lily are spending their summer with uncle Jim, who doesn’t like children. Luckily his neighbor, Mabel Marryweather, can guarantee the their summer will be filled with adventures, mysteries and hilarious encounters, when they start to figure out who is sabotaging the yearly flower arrangement competition.

Book 2: Mabel Merryweather and the King of Thieves
Otava 2020, 140 pp.
The kids are back at uncle Jim’s – and seems like they are attracting trouble. Or is it Mabel Merryweather who makes everything happen? This time the town is terrorized by an art hustler, but luckily Nick and Lily are there to stop him.

Book 3: Mabel Merryweather and the Cheesy Mystery
Otava, May 2021, 140 pp.
Mabel Merryweather’s friend Bruno and his goat have arrived from Switzerland to perform at the Dalton cheese festival. This fragrant event has attracted a lot of people to the venue, but for the horror of the townspeople mysterious holes have started to appear on streets and courtyards at night. Who digs them – and why?

Rights sold for MABEL MERRYWEATHER series:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

GERMANY: Mixtvision
NETHERLANDS: Veltman Uitgevers
POLAND: Znak Emotikon

About author

Noora Kunnas

Noora Kunnas is a children’s author from Helsinki, Finland. She has the knack for making both children and grownups laugh while they’re immersed in her zany books. She loves animals and British humor – she grew up watching Jeeves and Wooster and eating ice cream straight from the container. Kunnas draws her inspiration from the world of Roald Dahl. The trademark of her books is a nutty humor, spiced with quirky characters, as well as the titillating mood of various settings, where anything – and we mean anything – is possible.

Noora Kunnas has published eight children’s books at Otava (2015 – 2022),  and her works have been nominated for the prestigious Tiiliskivi and Lukuvarkaus literary prizes in Finland. She graduated from the Turku Academy of Arts with a degree in film, and she worked in television since.

About author

Teemu Juhani

Teemu Juhani is a Finnish illustrator, comic artist and picture book author whose illustrations have been published in picture books and children's fiction in over 20 countries. In addition to children's books Teemu has illustrated magazines and educational material. Originally from the fields and woods of North Karelia, Teemu now lives, works and eats way too many cakes in Helsinki.