Introducing GENTLE POWER by Emilia Lahti

We invite you to the world of GENTLE POWER:  The creator, author Emilia Lahti, is an international keynote speaker, activist, and PhD candidate whose graduate thesis, advised by Angela Duckworth, is the basis of the book. It’s all about how ”gentle power,” and not ”hard power” or “win at all costs”,  is the key to leading the way through the uncertain and change-filled era we have ahead of us.

Watch a video that the author Emilia Lahti recorded introducing the book, GENTLE POWER, which will change the world:


GENTLE POWER: Accessing the Ancient Wisdom Within to Face a New Era
by Emilia Lahti

Based on the author’s pioneering study on sisu, GENTLE POWER shows how this centuries-old Finnish concept of integrity-fueled fortitude is the key to confidently striding into, and conquering, our uncertain future.

Lahti’s work and personal experience shows us that true success can’t be measured by simply keeping score, and it can’t be nurtured by powering through to the finish line at all costs: instead, it is deeply rooted in developing a mighty heart and fighting a fair fight. What’s more, Lahti argues that sisu is a source of hidden energy that is innate within everyone — and it simply needs to be embraced and nurtured in order to access its transformative power.

The world is in dire need of gentle leadership, and through the grounding, self-reflective practice of sisu, we can pursue a higher level of excellence in our professional lives, as members of a family unit, or as part of a greater community.  At once inspirational and informative, GENTLE POWER has the polish and investigative curiosity of Angela Duckworth’s GRIT, but also strongly evokes Brené Brown’s DARING GREATLY, as Lahti frequently pulls from her own personal journey towards her discoveries and doesn’t shy away from her pitfalls and challenges along the way.

Emilia Lahti is an international keynote speaker, human rights activist, ultra-runner and world’s first academic researcher on the Finnish concept of sisu. She has spoken at dozens of companies and campuses, including Facebook and UC Berkeley, and her work has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, and Scientific American, among other places. More info at:


Emilia Lahti

Emilia Lahti is a doctoral candidate, entrepreneur, international leadership trainer and leading expert of the global phenomenon of sisu. She is also a published academic writer and the founder of the Finnish Association for Positive Psychology. Her writings have appeared at CNBC, The Creativity Post, Happiness Daily, and SisuLab.Com. She has also founded a non-profit organization called Sisu Not Silence that is focused on building futures free of patterns of abuse. She is passionate about research that translates to practical tools to enable growth and wellbeing in the everyday life.

As a part of her research and quest to understand how individuals unearth dormant life energy, Emilia trained to complete Ironman triathlons and a 2400km/50-day run/bike journey across New Zealand, and joined a martial arts academy in the mountains of North China. Her upcoming first international book Gentle Power: Accessing the Ancient Wisdom Within to Face a New Era is the result of a decade of research and life on five different continents.


Emilia Lahti

Gentle Power

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