EALA Spring 2020 Children’s & YA Rights Guide is published!

EALA Spring 2020 Children’s & YA Rights Guide is published!

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This Spring 2020 we are thrilled to introduce new wonderful middle-grade adventures, a startling YA thriller and a new non-fiction series by bestselling & award-winning Finnish authors:

Elina Hirvonen has written a new exciting middle-grade series, illustrated beautifully by Nadja Sarell:  Julia & P.A.L.  is the first part of the series where plush animals have superpowers. Pitched as Toy Story meets The Avengers!
Come with Julia to Plush Animal League headquarters in space where all children are monitored by their stuffed animals in case they need help.

Salla Simukka, Finland’s most internationally translated contemporary author, has written a YA thriller Detained,  a startling story of a world where teenagers are getting captured and imprisoned for the crimes they are expected to commit in the future.

In Non-Fiction, we are excited about a new Mini Science series for the smallest in the family.  Where Are You? is written by our bestselling non-fiction author Laura Ertimo and illustrated by Sanna Pelliccioni,  and tackles big science questions with lovely illustrations, and encourages kids to wonder and ask questions.

Our bestselling children’s series  The Little Shop of Nightmares by Magdalena Hai and Teemu Juhani is now sold in 13 territories, and Weird Weather  by Laura Ertimo and Mari Ahokoivu is also sold in 13 territories.

Browse through our Spring Rights Guide 2020, find your next bestseller, and we’ll be happy to send you reading materials