Two deals for PUTIN’S TROLLS – true stories from the Russian information war

Introducing: Jessikka Aro and PUTIN’S TROLLS.

Here is the most important, and even shocking, narrative nonfiction of the year. PUTIN’S TROLLS tells the true stories from the frontline of the Russian information warfare everywhere in the world.

The book was published in September 2019 and has already sold over 17 000 copies in Finland and has just been picked up by Menu Meedia/Stratkom in Estonia and Briedis in Lithuania.

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Praise from Estonia:

“Have you ever thought about how defenseless one person can be when systematically attacked with information warfare?
This is what happened to Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro. The book is an outstanding personal and educational story about dangers of modern information society and the possibilities of defending oneself against them.
Precaution – reading this can severely damage one’s naivety with irreversible consequences.”

 – Raul Rebane, Stratkom, Estonia

About the book: Russia is waging a war against civilians online. Every critical voice is an enemy.

In this book journalist Jessica Aro reveals in detail the international, sometimes criminal online campaigns against private people throughout the Western countries in the last few years – orchestrated and approved by the Kremlin.
Well documented true stories show that Putin’s Russia does not shy away from the darkest means of eliminating its opponents through cyber-espionage, social media trolls, fake news, cyber-attacks, death threats and hate campaigns by PR professionals.

Jessikka Aro (born 1980) is a Finnish journalist working for Finland’s public service broadcaster Yle. In September 2014, she began to investigate pro-Russian Internet trolls, but became a victim of their activities herself.

In 2019 she was notified that she was to receive an International Women of Courage Award but this was mysteriously rescinded just before the ceremony, Foreign Policy reported.

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FINLAND: Johnny Kniga (orig.)

Menu Meedia/Stratkom