A WONDERFUL LIFE sold to Croatia and WILD EAST to Sweden!

We are now getting into the holiday spirit!

It’s very exciting to announce that Croatian rights for A WONDERFUL LIFE have been sold to Planetopija! This is the 9th pre-publication sale for the book.  Also we are as happy that the Swedish rights of Finlandia-nominated nonfiction WILD EAST were acquired by Lind&Co!
Rights to WILD EAST were previously sold to Rahva Raamat in Estonia.

Have you ever wondered what’s the meaning in life? A Wonderful Life: Insights for Finding a Meaningful Existence will finally give you an answer! In this engagingly insightful book, Frank Martela – one of the only academic experts who has contributed to both the philosophical and psychological research on meaning in life – takes you on a voyage through the history, philosophy, and psychology of meaningfulness and worthy living.

“It’s a truly wonderful book! It’s insightful and comforting at the same time – telling us we are small and insignificant but assuring us it is alright since the universe is great and caring.”
‒ Nataša Ozmec, editor-in-chief, publishing house Planetopija, Croatia

Wild East is the untold story Finnish Kindred Nation Wars in the aftermath of the World War I in North-Eastern Europe – and the fierce events of the year 1919.

“This book is a perfect fit for our list. Wild East sheds light on a largely unknown chapter in our history. The forgotten story of the Swedes involved in the expeditions makes it even more relevant to us. I’m certain that the book, which was nominated to the Finlandia prize, will be of great interest to our readers.”
Anders Gustafson, Senior Editor, Non-Fiction, Bokförlaget Lind & Co


“The work brings new, dark tones to the mythical picture of the Finnish Kindred Nation Wars and the construction of the Greater Finland. It positions the wars in the great power game of the early 1920s and in the ideological continuity between the World Wars. A dramatic story of the actions, motives and destinies of individual people reveals how war breaks people’s bodies and minds.”
‒ Finlandia Nonfiction Award jury 2019


About the authors:

FRANK MARTELA PhD., is essentially the only contemporary academic researcher who has published several articles on the topic of the meaning of life with a unique perspective on the science of happiness. He has collaborated with key experts of the topic and presented his research in numerous academic conferences as well as invited lectures at universities such as Stanford University, University of Edinburgh, and Simon Fraser University. He is a popular lecturer and author of three well-received and bestselling non-fiction books.

AAPO ROSELIUS  is a resercher and a nonfiction author, who has studied extensively the Finnish Civil War and the history of the 1920s and 1930s.

OULA SILVENNOINEN, PhD, is a historian and an author of narrative non-fiction who specializes on the upheavals of the modern era within the Nordic and Baltic sphere. Among other topics, he has published on the themes of policing, war, fascist movements and the Holocaust. His works have been translated also into German, Swedish and Estonian. Oula Silvennoinen is currently based in the University of Helsinki, Finland.

A Wonderful Life,
Harper Design/Harper Collins,
Spring 2020, 200pp.

Rights sold:

UNITED STATES: HarperCollins/Harper Design (orig.)
CROATIA: Planetopija
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FINLAND: Gummerus
JAPAN: HarperCollins Japan
KOREA: Across Publishing
NORWAY: Gursli Berg Forlag
RUSSIA: Bombora

Reading material:
Full English pdf


Villi itä, Tammi 2019, 366pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat

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English sample & synopsis