WILD EAST by Aapo Roselius & Oula Silvennoinen nominated for Finlandia Prize, first sales to Estonia!

WILD EAST by Aapo Roselius & Oula Silvennoinen nominated for Finlandia Prize, first sales to Estonia!

WILD EAST is the untold story Finnish Kindred Nation Wars in the aftermath of the World War I in North-Eastern Europe –  and the fierce events of the year 1919. 

The book is nominated for the greatest non-fiction award in Finland: Non-Fiction Finlandia Prize.

While the Finlandia winners will be announced in two weeks on the 27th of November, we are very excited to announce that Estonian Rahva Raamat has already acquired the Estonian translation rights for the book:

“The ending of World War I in 1918 created a situation in Europe that rarely happens – a lot of nations gained independence at once. But not all of them – after gaining its own independence in 1917,  some of the Finns went on expeditions trying to help their kindred nations towards self-government – the movement was called the Kindred Nation Wars.  In WILD EAST, the authors have discussed these years in detail, concentrating not only on Finland but also on the neighboring countries and their developments. It is a refreshing view to the aftermath of the World War in Finland and North-Eastern Europe – an untold story.”
– Rain Siemer, Publisher, Rahva Raamat, Estonia

Click here to request the info sheet and full Finnish manuscript for Wild East.

The book has been praised for its realism and shocking impression on the reader:

“The work brings new, dark tones to the mythical picture of the Finnish Kindred Nation Wars and the construction of the Greater Finland. It positions the wars in the great power game of the early 1920s and in the ideological continuity between the World Wars. A dramatic story of the actions, motives and destinies of individual people reveals how war breaks people’s bodies and minds.”
‒ Finlandia Nonfiction Award jury 2019

“The researcher duo is making a convincing, sometimes shocking, impression on the reader. The
connection to the general turmoil of the era deepens the horizons, and the warfare in its outrageousness and nonsense is portrayed well in dense prose.”
‒ Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

We are also very happy to introduce the two new authors for our agency:
AAPO ROSELIUS  is a resercher and a nonfiction author, who has studied extensively the Finnish Civil War and the history of the 1920s and 1930s.

OULA SILVENNOINEN, PhD, is a historian and an author of narrative non-fiction who specializes on the upheavals of the modern era within the Nordic and Baltic sphere. Among other topics, he has published on the themes of policing, war, fascist movements and the Holocaust. His works have been translated also into German, Swedish and Estonian. Oula Silvennoinen is currently based in the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat