Frankfurt Children’s Deals: Weird Weather, Agnes, Little Shop of Nightmares

Frankfurt Children’s Deals: Weird Weather, Agnes, Little Shop of Nightmares

We are very excited to announce our Frankfurt Book Fair 4 new children’s deals!

Weird Weather: Why Does Climate Change? is an excellent children’s non-fiction book about climate change by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu. The book was acquired by Aschehoug in Norway and Odiseja in Serbia.
The book was published for only 3 weeks ago and has already sold to 5 territories: Estonia, Italy, Norway, Serbia, and Sweden!About the book: WEIRD WEATHER! Why Does Climate Change? is accurate but hopeful children’s non-fiction book that explains how humans are responsible for climate change and what we can do to ensure a brighter future. It also gives tips on how everyone can make better choices and practice climate skills every day.

Request the almost full English pdf for Weird Weather here!

Danish publisher ABC Forlag acquired the rights for Tuutikki Tolonen’s Agnes and the Garden of Dreams.
The book will be first published in Finland in the beginning of 2020 and the translation rights have already been sold to 3 countries: to Denmark, Estonia and Russia.About the book: Moving to a new city is frightening enough for 11-year-old Agnes. But when she makes an exciting discovery at the local cemetery the summer isn’t the same anymore!

Tuutikki Tolonen is the award-winning author of Monster Nanny trilogy that is sold to 20+ countries worldwide. Agnes and the Garden of Dreams also includes beautiful illustrations by Kati Vuorento.

Request the English reading materials for Agnes here!

Latvian publisher Latvijas Mediji purchased rights for the 1st part of The Little Shop of Nightmares series – The Little Shop of Nightmares: Terrible Tickling Powder.

About the series: The Little Shop of Nightmares by Magdalena Hai and Teemu Juhani is a new early readers’ series about a strange little shop and its employees – who are even stranger. It all starts with 9-year old Nina, who wants to earn money for a bicycle. So she applies to work in a Little Shop of Nightmares!

The lovely early reader’s series has now been sold to 10 territories in 2 months!
“The Little Shop of Nightmares” is a richly illustrated funny tale for children with a fascinating storyline. The book doesn’t only entertain – it also conveys a message to young readers that it is necessary to work and make efforts to fulfill their dreams and let think about topics such as friendship, sincerity, helpfulness, courage, dedication, perseverance.”

– Gunta Apse, Editor, Publishing House Latvijas Mediji, Latvia

Request the full English pdfs for the Little Shop of Nightmares series here!

Rights sold (Weird Weather):

Into Kustannus (orig.)
Eesti Raamat
Mondadori/Edizioni Piemme
Rabén & Sjögren


Rights sold (Agnes):

ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
RUSSIA: Rosman


Rights sold (Little Shop of Nightmares):

WSOY (orig.)
Vild Maskine
Postimees Publishing
Egmont Schneiderbuch
Latvijas Mediji
De Vier Windstreken
Teenbooks Publishing / Kompas Guide

About author

Kati Vuorento

Kati Vuorento is an illustrator living and working in Espoo, Finland: ”In small details there is an infinite magic. I want my illustrations to stir emotion in the audience. Empathizing is important to me. In my illustrations, I always include approachable characteristics to even the most hardened anti-hero. This is how I mold the characters into personalities with depth and dimension.”

She is the illustrator of middle-grade Agnes Series by Tuutikki Tolonen that in 2021 was nominated for the Arvid Lydecken Award, received an honorable mention for the Runeberg Junior Award, and won the Luku Varkaus Award!

About author

Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo is a geographer and author. She has previously worked in publishing of geography-related non-fiction and maps, and now she writes full time, specializing in children’s non-fiction. A recurring theme in her work is the holistic worldview, the interaction between phenomena, people and nature.

In 2020, she received the prestigious Tietopöllö Award for her work as a Non-Fiction writer. Her children's title WHERE DID THE ANIMALS GO, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu, was nominated for the 2021 Finlandia Award and has also won the Tieto-Lauri award!

About author

Magdalena Hai

Magdalena Hai is an award-winning author, lover of cross-genre fiction and all things strange. Her fiction often combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Her Little Shop of Nightmares series has been sold to 30 territories around the world. Among Hai's many accolades are winning the Finlandia Prize for children's and YA literature and the Finnish Literary Export Prize, and being nominated  the Nordic Council Children & Young People's Literature Prize.

Besides being an author, Hai teaches writing and is an active member and editor in the publishing co-operative Osuuskumma.

About author

Mari Ahokoivu

Mari Ahokoivu is a Finnish illustrator and a comics artist. She’s been drawing professionally for over 10 years, mainly drawing graphic novels and comics for children, including Sanni & Joonas and Lola Olifante. Ahokoivu loves everything cute and scary. She lives and works in Copenhagen. 

Mari Ahokoivu won the Puupäähattu Comic Book Award 2023, and together with Laura Ertimo, they won the Tieto-Lauri Award 2022 and were nominated for the Finlandia Prize 2021 for WHERE DID THE ANIMALS GO?!

About author

Teemu Juhani

Teemu Juhani is a Finnish illustrator, comic artist and picture book author whose illustrations have been published in picture books and children's fiction in over 20 countries. In addition to children's books Teemu has illustrated magazines and educational material. Originally from the fields and woods of North Karelia, Teemu now lives, works and eats way too many cakes in Helsinki.

About author

Tuutikki Tolonen

Tuutikki Tolonen is the author of several acclaimed children’s books, plays and academic articles. She teaches creative writing and has worked as an editor and reporter at Vinski, a Finnish literary magazine for children. For Monster Nanny she received the Arvid Lydecken award.  Her inspiration for the Monster Nanny trilogy sparked during a family breakfast. “My son Leo, then six, said: ‘I heard on the radio yesterday that all moms have to go on vacation and monsters will take their places,” she says.

Her other bestselling series is the Agnes-series, of which the first book "Agnes and the Garden of Dreams" was in 2021 nominated for the Arvid Lydecken Award, received an honorable mention for the Runeberg Junior Award, and won the Luku Varkaus Award. Tolonen tells that the inspiration for Agnes comes for her interest for weird and inexpicable tales, ghost stories and mysteries: "I wanted to write a book my daughter Aili, then nine, would like to read - not too long, not too scary, but very curious."