Four new deals for The Little Shop of Nightmares

Magdalena Hai and Teemu Juhani’s quirky and hilarious early reader’s series The Little Shop of Nightmares has been the biggest hit of this late summer! We couldn’t be more excited to announce these 4 new deals, that make the number of territories 8 in total!

In Denmark we closed the deal with Vild Maskine, the Dutch rights were acquired by De Vier Windstreken, Czech rights went to Euromedia, and in Turkey Epsilon bought the rights.

“We really like the Little Shop of Nightmares series, and we’re sure that the Danish children will love the universe as well. Simply just cute and funny little books, but the illustrations really take it to another level: all pages are inspiring to look at, with a lot of details for the young readers.”
– Mads Heinesen, Publisher, Vild Maskine, Denmark

“A little bit spooky, a lot of fun!”
– Nathalie Bierhuizen, De Vier Windstreken, The Netherlands

The Little Shop of Nightmares by Magdalena Hai and Teemu Juhani is a new early readers’ series about a strange little shop and its employees – who are even stranger.

Book 1: The Terrible Tickling Powder
WSOY 2018, 64 pp.
Full English PDF

Book 2: The Lost Teeth
WSOY 2019, 64 pp.
Full English PDF

Rights sold:

DENMARK: Vild Maskine
GERMANY: Egmont Schneiderbuch
NETHERLANDS: De Vier Windstreken
NORWAY: Fontini
TURKEY: Epsilon
RUSSIA: Teenbooks Publishing / Kompas Guide

Magdalena Hai

Magdalena Hai is a lover of cross genre fiction and all things strange, and her fiction often combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Besides writing Hai teaches writing and is an active member and editor in the publishing co-operative Osuuskumma.

Teemu Juhani

Teemu Juhani (born 1987) is a Finnish illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer whose  illustrations have been published in picture books and children's fiction in 20 countries, including Finland, UK, US, Germany and China. In addition to children's books Teemu has illustrated magazines and educational material. Originally from the fields and woods of North Karelia, Teemu now lives and works in Helsinki. He grew up reading comics, holding pencil in his hand and dreaming of superhuman powers. Teemu has studied graphic design and illustration at Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Academie Minerva in the Netherlands