EALA Fall Fiction Highlights and New Deals

Here is a round-up of all of our brand new fiction titles for this fall – and we’re announcing the first sales for these new books!


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Facelift by Miika Nousiainen

Rights sold in Germany!

Miika Nousiainen is the master of Finnish comedy!The German rights to his new novel Facelift (Pintaremontti, Otava 2020) were sold in a pre-empt to Kein & Aber prior the publication! Get ready for the funniest book of the year!

“Reading a novel by this author is like a scenic ride in a ropeway: a comfortable, entertaining spectacle while looking into deep abysses. I can’t wait to enter the cabin of Miika Nousiainen’s voice again, to start laughing and at the same time having this awkward and thrilling feeling of facing existential questions.“
– Patrick Sielemann,  Editor,  KEIN & ABER, Germany

What connects a 70-year old widow, a guy from a motorbike club, a single-father, and a personal carer? They are all looking for an easy solution for their problems.

Rights sold: Germany, Kein & Aber


Rage by Eeva Rohas

EU Literature Prize nominee 2019!

Rage (Raivo, Otava 2018) is a gripping story of divorce, alcoholism, and attempts to recover. It’s also a novel about motherhood, commitment, relationships, and how people and literature are both just as tricky to translate.

The Bulgarian rights were sold to Perseus.

Strangers Inside by Johanna Sinisalo

Winner of a national Finnish horror novel competition 2019!

Strangers Inside (Vieraat, Karisto 2020) is modern horror story by ”The Queen of Finnish Weird”. Based on the latest science with a sci-fi twist!

Strangers Inside is a classic horror updated! The tension grows beautifully and the horror seeps into the story nice and slow. It is a fresh and brilliant story that is both current and timeless.”
– National Horror Competition Jury

Reading materials available in September!

The Blackbird by Inka Nousiainen
(Mustarastas, WSOY September 2019)

In August 1989 a young man goes on a cruise boat with his friends, and disappears. The tragedy changes the lives of his family. What happened on that night on M/S Fennia?


Moonday Letters by Emmi Itäranta
(Kuunpäivän kirjeet, Teos, 2020)

Dystopian space opera meets sci-fi thriller somewhere between the Earth, Mars and the Moon!

By the author of international bestseller “Memory of Water”.


Red Storm by Elina Hirvonen

Red Storm (Punainen myrsky, Wsoy September 2019) is a touching family sagaA small boy grows up in Iraq where fear is always present. He grows up with a family secret, and with a dream of peace.

Red Storm describes with excellence the boundaries of a child’s consciousness, the blending of imagination and dreams with reality, and how memories are shaped by the child’s comprehension.”
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland 

Crime highlights:

The Oathbreaker
 by Leena Lehtolainen

(Valapatto, Tammi 2019)

A man is abducted at Helsinki airport and left to die in the winter. He survives and an international journey for answers begins!


The Faithful Reader by Max Seeck
(Uskollinen lukija, Tammi 2019)

Full English translation available soon!

A book-inspired serial killer is on the loose. Jessica Niemi – a detective with a mysterious past – steps up. A chase for the faithful reader has begun!

Rights sold: Czech Republic, Grada


Remember this:

Full English manuscript available!

On Sex and Mathematics by Iida Rauma
Frighteningly intelligent and visceral novel about people in crisis, environmental disasters, about a confusing and erratic life, and the beauty and logic of mathematics, while also exploring the agonies and ecstasies of sex.

Finnish Literature Export Prize winner 2016
Helmet Literature Prize winner 2015
Kalevi Jäntti Prize winner 2015
EU Literature Prize nominee 2016
Toisinkoinen Prize nominee 2015