EALA Fall Children’s & YA Rights Guide and New Deals

Our new Fall catalogues are here: we have wonderful new titles, and big announcements of new deals!

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Here is a round-up of all of your brand new children’s & young adult titles for this fall.

Imaginary Girl by Aino Louhi
(Mielikuvitustyttö, Suuri Kurpitsa 2019)

Young love is often fragile and tragic. But it’s also beautiful and unforgettable. Discover the story of the imaginary girl in this breathtaking graphic novel.

Agnes and the Garden of Dreams by Tuutikki Tolonen, illustrated by Kati Vuorento
(Agnes ja unien avain, WSOY 2020)

Moving to a new city is frightening enough for 11-year-old Agnes. But when she makes an exciting discovery at the local cemetery the summer isn’t the same anymore!

The Estonian rights to this wonderful middle-grade book were sold last week to Eesti Raamat!

Rights sold: Estonia, Eesti Raamat


Hilja series by Heidi Viherjuuri, illustrated by Nadja Sarell 
(Hilja-sarja, Mäkelä 2017-2019)

Meet Hilja, an energetic and curious little girl, and her three granny friends! Three books published and more to come!

Perfect for 6-11 year olds!

Rights sold: Germany, WooW Books


How to Greet an Alien by Petri Tamminen, illustrated by Valpuri Kerttula
(Kun kohtaat avaruusolennon, Karisto 2019)

Sweet and funny picture book that teaches you how to meet Aliens — can be used with humans as well.

Alma’s Monster Party by Satu Kettunen
(Mörköjuhlat, Tammi 2019)

Alma’s family has moved to a new house. It is big, and bleak, and far from the neighbors. Alma is certain that they aren’t alone in the house: she sees shadows fleeing in the corners, and hears footsteps of all kinds of monsters. Alma’s mother is a party planner, and that gives her an idea: She will throw a party for all the ghosts and ogres.

Weird Weather by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu
(Ihme ilmat, Into Kustannus 2019)

Sold in Estonia!

Climate changes, so should we! This book answers children’s tough questions about climate change, and tells how we can all fight against it.

Rights sold: ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat


The Little Shop of Nightmares by Magdalena Hai and Teemu Juhani.
(Painajaispuoti-sarja, WSOY 2018, 2019)

This hilarious horror for early readers has been our highlight for the summer! The Norwegian rights were just sold to Fontini in Norway!

“The Little Shop of Nightmares takes the reader straight into a fantastic world where everything can happen. And it does! Its scary, funny and entertaining. Lots of wonderful details and interesting characters. That’s where every child wants to be!”
– Lindy Andersen, Publisher, Fontini, Norway

Rights sold: GERMANY: Egmont Schneiderbuch, NORWAY: Fontini, RUSSIA: Teenbooks Publishing / KompassGuide, SWEDEN: Hegas