Hungarian deals for The Soul of Finnish Sauna and Love, Joy, Courage

We are excited to share more good news from the Happiest Country in the World:

For the second year in a row, Finland is no. 1 in the World Happiness Report 2019 (link here), and two wonderful non-fiction books were sold today in Hungary to Scolar Kiadó.

NBC News published this wonderful article explaining what other countries can learn from Finland (here) – and these two books are here to bring Finnish well-being and parenting all around the world!

The Soul of Finnish Sauna: Wellness, Health and Happiness by Carita Harju, the founder of Sauna from Finland, reveals the secrets and health & happiness benefits of Finnish sauna, which can be used in saunas everywhere in the world.

About the author:
Carita Harju founded the organization Sauna from Finland in 2010 to do concrete work to raise awareness of the potential of Finnish saunas, promote the export of saunas, and commercialize sauna innovations: the organization’s mission is to create the world’s best sauna experiences. She is the #1 expert on Finnish saunas.

Finnish parenting is world-famous: Love, Joy, and Courage – Steps Toward Sexual Maturityexplains how to talk to children, young adults and teenagers about love and sexuality with warm empathy.
About the authors:
Raisa Cacciatore is a child psychiatrist, adolescent health specialist, expert physician, and a certified EMDR therapist. She provides training for professionals and parents, and has written many textbooks and works of nonfiction.
Erja Korteniemi-Poikela is a midwife, public health nurse, sexual counselor, and a nonfiction author, who has published several books on sex education and self-esteem.

The Soul of Finnish Sauna

Rights Sold:
JAPAN, Toyo Keiza


Love, Joy, Courage – Steps Toward Sexual Maturity

Rights Sold:
FINLAND, Minerva (orig.)

About author

Carita Harju

Carita Harju is a Finnish sauna experience expert and marketing professional whose mission is to share the Finnish sauna’s positive health and wellness benefits with the world. She is the founder and executive director of Sauna from Finland, which represents an international network of more than 200 sauna industry companies. The organization’s mission is to create the world’s best sauna experiences, and Harju loves her work, because it allows her to advance an idea that she is personally so passionate about. Carita Harju has always enjoyed saunas, goes to sauna with her family nearly every day and gives talks all over the world.

Her first illustrated guide, Sauna - The Way of Finnish Life (2016), has been published in four languages, including German and Chinese. Her second book, Soul of the Sauna, was released in Japanese and Hungarian, while her newest title Saunafulness (Hyvää oloa saunomalla, 2021) has been sold to 4 territories.