London Rights Guide celebrates the Year of Sisu 2018

It’s the beginning of the spring’s book fair season, and we welcome you to celebrate the Year of Sisu with us!

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This spring we’re excited to present you new titles in both fiction and nonfiction: in addition to the international hit Finding Sisu by Katja Pantzar, now sold in 17 territories – with the Turkish rights just sold to Mona Kitap of Alfa Publishing Group – we have books on themes such as Finnish parenting, and Finland’s top game designers. The Peace Machine, by professor Timo Honkela, poses the question of whether world peace is possible – or even inevitable.

On the fiction side, speculative fiction fans will take delight in Katja Törmänen’s Bear’s Bride, a novel exploring Finnish mythology and gendered power.

Minna Lindgren, the author behind the wildly successful Sunset Grove Trilogy, is back with a humorous novel The Angry Widow, pitched as ”A Man Called Ove meets Sex and the City”.

HS Debut prize winner Saara Turunen’s second novel The Bystander is gathering interest with its sharp depiction of an artist’s life.

For those looking for good crime and Finnish noir, we’re happy to share the news of the Hollywood options for Leena Lehtolainen’sMaria Kallio series, and Karo Hämäläinen’s Cruel Is the Night. The film version of The Guardian Angel (by Arto Halonen and Kevin Frazier) is premiering this year as well.

Also Max Seeck is publishing new installment Hades Calling in the highly-acclaimed Daniel Kuisma thriller series, and Marko Kilpi continues with his Undertaker series.

Enjoy browsing! We look forward to seeing you at the book fairs in London (IRC, 6C & 6D) and Bologna (Agent Center) – and in New York & Los Angeles.

Happy Year of Sisu!

Elina Ahlbäck, Literary Agent
Lotta Dufva, Literary Agent
Nicole Herbst, Rights Coordinator