The Beast Is an Animal, a haunting YA fairy tale from the U.S., sold to Carlsen in Denmark!

We are happy to announce that Peternelle van Arsdale’s The Beast Is an Animalan American YA title which has created big buzz before its publication, has been sold to Carlsen in Denmark. Carlsen is one of the biggest children’s book publishers in Denmark, publishing such classics as H.C. Andersen and international successes as Stephanie Meyer.

“Reading this dark yet mesmerizing book  made me remember the first book I read, that gave me the feeling of being part of a secret journey, wrapped up in a beautiful language that makes a classic. It’s unique, literary and suspenseful, and I can’t wait to give the Danish readers this fantastic reading experience.” – Camilla Schierbeck, Senior Editor at Carlsen

The Beast Is an Animal (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Margaret K. McElderry Books Imprint, 2017) is a dark and beautifully crafted debut novel from the author Peternelle van Arsdale, who was previously an executive editor for HarperCollins, Anchor/Doubleday, Hyperion, and Putnam. Over the years she edited multiple New York Times bestsellers and award-winners. Peternelle is now a freelance editor and ghostwriter of both fiction and non-fiction.

The novel is a young adult fairy tale in which soul eaters that feed off by human souls enter a village where the sever-year-old Alys lives. Alys feels a connection to soul eaters and to the Beast that guides them. Alys ends up on a dangerous journey where dangers come from the outside and from the inside – from her soul. The Beast Is an Animal will be published in 2017 in the U.S., and has been sold to Czech Republic and Slovakia so far.

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