New praise and English sample for Secrets of my Vanity Case by Kaisa Haatanen!

HaatanenSept21Finnish readers are continuing to praise Kaisa Haatanen’s wise and hilarious novel Secrets of my Vanity Case (Meikkipussin pohjalta, Johnny Kniga 2015); the book is a series of short essays by a fictional Helsinki-based publishing director, a kindred spirit of Bridget Jones and Caitlin Moran. Published in August, Secrets of my Vanity Case is currently in its second printing.

“A vanity case is a metaphor for life.”
Kaisa Haatanen, author

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New praise for Secrets of my Vanity Case:

“Haatanen’s use of language is outstanding, which is no surprise, considering her job as a Publishing Manager…It’s no wonder that her humor has appealed to such a large readership already.”
Sallan lukupäiväkirja (“Salla’s Reading Diary”) literature blog, Finland

“I would recommend Haatanen’s novel to a man who would like to peek into the world of an adult woman…Haatanen has written an entertaining work that reveals the most embarrassing secrets, unspoken sources of joy (and schadenfreude) and true opinions of us women nearing 50.”
Kulttuuri kukoistaa (“Culture Blooms”) literature blog, Finland

“Haatanen writes in a sharp and funny manner. Although these stories, or columns, are light, they are also sneakily wise, as the back cover text promises.”
Kirsin book club (“Kirsi’s Book Club”) literature blog, Finland

“Reading this I could both rest my mind and occasionally nod in recognition (“I know what you mean!”) and contemplate things for a bit. Structuring the book as an alphabetical list of stories was a smart decision…it made me wonder what the alphabet of my own life would be, and what topic I would choose for A, M or U, for example. Sometimes it’s a good idea to contemplate what building blocks really form the contents of one’s life…Her style is very smart and punctuated by black humor, and it is a joy to read.”
Kirjakaapin avain (“Book Cabinet Key”) literature blog, Finland

Original publisher: FINLAND, Johnny Kniga

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About author

Kaisa Haatanen

Kaisa Haatanen (b. 1966) is a Helsinki-based publisher who describes herself as ”an old maid, a firstborn and a big sister, not particularly ugly or particularly beautiful.” She has worked with books for her entire career, first as a bookseller for nearly a decade and later as an editor. A fan of detective stories, historical fiction, children’s literature and smart fiction written by women, Haatanen describes reading as her most important hobby. The glowingly reviewed Secrets of my Vanity Case (Johnny Kniga) is her debut novel.


2014, Literary Fiction

Secrets of My Vanity Case

Kaisa Haatanen