Affe the Adventure Dog by Ivana Helsinki creators Paola and Pirjo Suhonen charms critics!

AffeNewsletterSept29This month marked the debut of Paola and Pirjo Suhonen’s four-part Affe the Adventure Dog picture book series with Book I: A Winter Trip to Lapland (Tammi 2015). Book II, A Spring Stroll in the City (Tammi 2016), will hit bookstores next spring.

The Suhonen sisters are well-known for their Ivana Helsinki fashion brand, a trailblazer that has been included on the official calendars of both New York and Paris fashion weeks. With Affe the Adventure Dog, the two have made a critically acclaimed debut as children’s book authors. The character of Affe is based on Paola Suhonen’s real-life rescue dog.

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Praise for Affe the Adventure Dog: A Winter Trip to Lapland:

“Children spending their time in the artificial world of games and films should be offered new stories [such as this] that take place in our real, modern living environment.”
Kauppalehti newspaper, Finland

“The book, which works on several levels, aims to hold the attention of both adults and children.”
Radio Helsinki radio station, Finland

“The illustrator has succeeded in bringing out Affe’s joie de vivre, warmth, sense of adventure and scale of emotion – in other words, humanity…The book’s pages also reflect values of friendship between a child and a pet, quality time spent between kids and an aunt, and animal welfare.”
Kieltenopen kotiblogi (“Language Teacher’s Blog”) culture blog, Finland

“I read the story of Affe to two five-year-olds…the listeners were spellbound by the dog. This picture book narrating Affe’s escape should be read all the time, they said.”
Pihin naisen elämää (“A Stingy Woman’s Life”) culture blog, Finland

Titles in the Affe series include:

Affe the Adventure Dog: A Winter Trip to Lapland (Tammi 2015)
Affe the Adventure Dog: A Spring Stroll in the City (Tammi Spring 2016)
Affe the Adventure Dog: A Summer Adventure (Tammi Summer 2016)
Affe the Adventure Dog: An Autumn Adventure (Tammi Fall 2016)

Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi

Reading material:
Illustrated English text (Book I)
Finnish edition (Book I)