Euromedia acquires Czech rights to Granny Hatchet by Marko Hautala!

HautalaCzechdealJun2015We are thrilled to announce that Euromedia, publisher of authors including Agatha Christie, Gillian Flynn and John Green, has acquired Czech rights to Marko Hautala’s literary horror novel Granny Hatchet (Kuokkamummo, Tammi 2014).

Granny Hatchet is a gripping and atmospheric work: part thriller, part horror and part mystery, but also a story with a human dimension. Hautala’s expertly built plot sparks the reader’s imagination, while his ingenious, culminating sense of suspense takes one’s breath away.”
– Martina Bekešová, editor, Euromedia

Lauded by many critics as Hautala’s best work yet, Granny Hatchet will be published in September in the U.S. by AmazonCrossing under the title The Black Tongue. German rights were also recently sold to DTV, who has previously published Worms (Tammi 2011) and Shrouds (Tammi 2009) by Hautala.

Based on a real Finnish urban legend, Granny Hatchet is a mythical creature who kills her young victims with a hatchet and devours their hearts. Hautala’s devilish novel, exploring childhood fears, regrets and buried secrets, is set in a small town where two characters return to confront their past demons.

Praise for Granny Hatchet:

”A tour de force…the book startles, terrifies and makes the reader laugh. By far Hautala’s best novel.”
newspaper, Finland

“The character of Granny Hatchet carries such a chill that the temperature in the pit of a reader’s stomach seems to go down a few degrees.”
-Helsingin Sanomat
newspaper, Finland

“Hautala is a trailblazer who has elevated Finnish horror to a new level.”
Turun sanomat newspaper, Finland

About the author:

Marko Hautala’s (b. 1973) signature blend of psychological thriller and realism has earned him a reputation as the Finnish Stephen King. Beyond his skill of generating spine-tingling fear in his readers, he is also known for his literary mastery and intelligence as a storyteller: Hautala has been awarded the Tiiliskivi Prize in 2008 and the coveted Kalevi Jäntti Literary Prize for Young Authors for Shrouds (Tammi 2009) in 2010.

Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
WORLD ENGLISH, AmazonCrossing (Granny Hatchet)
CZECH REPUBLIC, Euromedia (Granny Hatchet)
ITALY, Newton Compton (Shrouds)
GERMANY, DTV (Worms, Shrouds, Granny Hatchet)

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