Rave reviews for Marko Hautala’s Granny Hatchet

Hautala_newsletterAug132014Granny Hatchet (Kuokkamummo, Tammi August 2014) by the Finnish master of suspense Marko Hautala has been published in Finland to widespread acclaim. Culture bloggers and critics are praising Hautala’s story about a real-life Finnish urban legend of an old woman who kills her young victims with a hatchet and devours their hearts. In a manner reminiscent of Stephen King, Hautala also explores childhood traumas and buried secrets. Many are calling Granny Hatchet his best work.

Among Hautala’s literary accolades is 2010’s Kalevi Jäntti Prize for young authors for Shrouds (Käärinliinat, Tammi 2009). An English sample of Granny Hatchet will be available at the end of August!

“As a horror writer, Marko Hautala is a strongman. He twists the plot so hard that in the end the reader is left wondering how everything happened….For the first time Hautala channels pure horror…the character of Granny Hatchet carries such a chill that the temperature in the pit of one’s stomach seems to go down a few degrees…this is his best work to date.”
Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland

Granny Hatchet is a tour de force. In his sixth novel, Hautala has again managed to mix in a new ingredient: unbridled humour, which flourishes amidst suspense, drama and beautiful descriptions of love….the book startles, terrifies and makes the reader laugh. By far Hautala’s best novel.”
Ilkka newspaper, Finland

“Hautala is at his best when he is setting the mood.”
Satakunnan Kansa newspaper, Finland

“This is such a full-blooded horror story that this Stephen King fan can only applaud and say: Amen!”
Järjellä ja tunteella (“With Sense and Sensibility”) literature blog, Finland

“Hautala provides rhythm and twists. A reader almost has no choice but to relate to the story….the book also hooks its reader cleverly and quickly. I had to read the whole thing in one sitting.”
Booking it Some More literature blog, Finland

Granny Hatchet is a steady, strong and frenzied reading experience.”
Rakkaudesta kirjoihin (“For the Love of Books”) literature blog, Finland

“A sense of Torment makes Granny Hatchet excellent. And, as Hautala mentions in the opening, this book is true. An urban legend about Granny Hatchet really exists in the area in which the author grew up. It’s no wonder that the book felt so chilling.”
Lukutoukan kulttuuriblogi (“Bookworm’s Culture Blog”), Finland

“This is the best horror I’ve read in ages!”
Kirjavalas (“Book Whale”) culture blog, Finland

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Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
ITALY, Newton Compton
U.S, Cheeky Frawg

English sample (available at the end of August)
Finnish edition
Finnish edition
German edition
English sample
Finnish edition
Italian edition
German edition
English sample

Kalevi Jäntti Prize 2010
Tiiliskivi Prize 2008
Nominated for the Young Aleksis Kivi Prize 2013 (Seeing Eyes)