What if learning was fun?

Roviovisions_newsletter_MayRovio, the creator of Angry Birds, is challenging education conventions with a new nonfiction title.

Many recent international headlines stemming from Finland have focused on mobile gaming and education. While the success of Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds helped usher in a new era of Nordic digital entrepreneurship, international experts have turned to Finland’s school system for ideas on how to improve their own. Finland ranks among the world’s top PISA results, and this month Pearson named Finland the best education system in Europe.

The brand-new Rovio Visions nonfiction series focuses on discovering new ideas that have the potential to change the world. The first title in the series is Learning as Fun, which encourages us to rethink our attitudes on what learning means. Authored by Lauri Järvilehto, Learning as Fun examines ways in which learning outcomes could be improved all over the world with relatively simple, and enjoyable, means.

Drawing from the fields of motivational psychology, neuroscience and the philosophy of the mind, Learning as Fun shows that engagement, motivation and flow are the key factors to creating durable learning experiences, especially in acquiring new skills and knowledge. Rights have so far been sold in Korea and Finland.


“Creating the conditions for interest and playfulness in learning is more than just fun – it’s important to quality education. This book gathers together new perspectives on how to make learning more engaging – a game all educators should be playing!”
Richard M. Ryan, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Rochester

“All over the world teachers, scientists and even game developers are searching for – and finding – new and innovative ways of teaching kids. These new ideas are encouraging kids and helping them to enter a state of flow, both in the classroom and outside of it. Isn’t this what we want? A world where learning is both effective and fun! This is also what the Rovio Visions series is all about: discovering new ideas that have the potential to change the world.”
Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle, Rovio

Lauri Järvilehto, PhD, is the founder of the Academy of Philosophy in Helsinki, an education company that makes academic research intelligible for the general public. He is the author of two books on philosophy of the mind and motivational psychology.


Disruptive Marketing, the authorized biography of Rovio and Angry Birds by economist Pascal Clarysse. What were the steps Rovio Entertainment decided to take when they first realized they might have a hit, Angry Birds, on their hands? How did they manage to play their cards so well? Pascal Clarysse gives the reader an in-depth analysis of the decisions behind the success. The book also includes revealing insider interviews from which every company with big dreams can learn a trick or two. Rights have been sold in Russia.

Futuremakers, which tells the stories of some of the world’s top woman innovators. Through insightful interviews with women who have created fun and fascinating things by using technology, Futuremakers paints a picture of a world where the technology we use every day is as much designed and built by women as it is by men.

FINLAND (Learning as Fun)
KOREA (Learning as Fun)
RUSSIA (Disruptive Marketing)

Reading materials:
Full English text of Learning as Fun
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