Full German translation of bestselling children’s hit Ricky Rapper and the Double now available!

RickyGermanTranslationMay2014We are happy to share with our German readers a brand-new full draft translation of Ricky Rapper and the Double (Risto Räppääjä ja kaksoisolento, Tammi 2013), the 13th entry in Finland’s most popular contemporary children’s book series; the German title of the book is Ricky Rapper und der Doppelgänger. A full English draft translation and a Spanish edition of book 12, Ricky Rapper and Needy Nelly (Risto Räppääjä ja Nukkavieru Nelli, Tammi 2012), are also available.

Written by Sinikka Nopola and Tiina Nopola and illustrated by Christel Rönns, the series follows a friendly and quick-witted little boy who loves drumming and rapping. In addition to Ricky and his best friend Nelly “Noodlehead,” the cast of characters includes Ricky’s aunt Rita, her quirky and good-natured boyfriend Mr. Lindberg, the stern “Freezer” Fran and many others. 

Ricky Rapper and the Double has sold about 40,000 copies since its publication last summer, and it ranked among the top 5 bestselling children’s and YA books each subsequent month through March of 2014. Rights to the books have been sold in 17 languages.

Next month the Nopola sisters will visit the International Children’s and Young Adults Book Weeks in Cologne (May 31st to June 22nd). The 14th title in the series, Ricky Rapper and the Scrooge of Seville (Risto Räppääjä ja Sevillan saituri, Tammi 2014) will be published in late July in Finland. Sinikka and Tiina Nopola have co-authored nearly 40 books since 1989.

Beyond the Ricky Rapper books, Sinikka and Tiina Nopola have penned screenplays for each of the four feature films based on the series. All have been box office hits in Finland; the most recent film, Ricky Rapper and Slick Leonard, jumped straight to number one in the box office upon its February release. This spring the character was also adapted into a stage musical at Helsinki’s Peacock Theatre. 

The Ricky Rapper series:
ARABIC, Dar al Saqi
CHINA (simplified Chinese), Beijing Xiron Books
DENMARK, Turbine
DENMARK, Carlsen
ESTONIA, TEA Publishers
FINLAND, (Finnish), Tammi
FINLAND, (Sámi), ABC-Company
HUNGARY, Cerkabella
JAPAN, Komine Shoten
LATVIA, Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA, Nieko Rimto
POLAND, Foksal
SLOVENIA, Sodobnost
SPAIN, Santillana
SWEDEN, Bonnier Carlsen
TURKEY, Altin Kitaplar

Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi

Reading materials:
Full English text of Ricky Rapper and Needy Nelly (book 12)
Full German text of Ricky Rapper and the Double (book 13)
English sample of book 1, book 3 and book 13
German sample of book 1
Spanish edition of book 12

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