English sample of Wave Tamer, part II in the Faunoids Trilogy, now available!

Salama newsletter Apr 28We are happy to announce that an English sample translation of Wave Tamer (Piraijakuiskaaja, WSOY 2013), the second entry in Annukka Salama’s Faunoids Trilogy, is now available. Comprising the first 30 pages of Wave Tamer, the sample translation was completed by Annira Silver, who also translated a sample of the first book, Fire Charmer (Käärmeenlumooja, WSOY 2012).

Combining elements of gritty realism, coming-of-age adventure, urban culture and fiery romance, The Faunoids Trilogy features a group of teenagers whose instincts and skills are part human, part animal. Living ordinary lives on the surface, they are also pursued, like other rare creatures, by a group of ruthless hunters. At the center of the story is squirrel-like skater Unna, the only faunoid girl on the planet, who learns about her origins when she falls in love with brooding dragon boy Rufus. His rowdy roommates include Joone, a punk rocker who, like a magpie, pursues anything that glitters, Vikke, a ladies’ man with equine powers, and Ronni, a human bat who drinks store-bought blood and conceals his fangs with black tooth lacquer.

In Wave Tamer the faunoid group travels to California, where Unna becomes aware of some astonishing facts regarding her own past and Rufus’s aristocratic ancestry, forcing her to re-evaluate her feelings for him. The trip escalates into a rescue mission when a group of hunters captures Unna.

Salama’s creation has built up a passionate fan following, and generated plenty of international interest at this spring’s Bologna Book Fair. Fire Charmer, which is currently in its sixth edition in Finland, was a nominee for the 2012 Topelius Prize, given to the year’s best YA book. It also won the Blogistanian Kuopus Prize, an annual children’s and YA award selected by literary bloggers. Wave Tamer was published last year to an enthusiastic critical response, and the third entry, Bird Whisperer (Harakanloukku, WSOY 2014) is due out this fall. Salama is working on a screenplay based on the series.

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