Elina Ahlback Literary Agency welcomes Annukka Salama

SalamaMar2014version2We are excited to announce that author Annukka Salama has signed a representation agreement with our agency. We are selling world rights to Salama’s cult YA success The Faunoids Trilogy (WSOY), as well as future works.

Combining elements of gritty realism, coming-of-age adventure, urban culture and fiery romance, the Faunoids Trilogy follows a group of teenagers whose instincts and skills are part human, part animal. Squirrel-like teenage girl Unna, who pulls off breakneck tricks on the skateboard and prefers climbing trees over walking on street level, learns that she is not the only one of her kind when she falls in love with dragon boy Rufus, the brooding leader of a pack of faunoids. Rufus’s rowdy roommates include Joone, a punk rocker who, like a magpie, pursues anything that glitters, Vikke, a ladies’ man with equine powers, and Ronni, a human bat who drinks store-bought blood and conceals his fangs with black tooth lacquer. In joining the group, Unna learns about her mysterious origins, dangers facing her kind, and expectations placed upon Rufus to rise to the faunoid throne.

Since the debut of Fire Charmer (Käärmeenlumooja, WSOY 2012), the first entry in the Faunoids series, Salama’s creation has built up a passionate fan following: the book is currently in its sixth edition. Fire Charmer was a nominee for the 2012 Topelius Prize, given to the year’s best YA book, and won the Blogistanian Kuopus Prize, an annual children’s and YA award selected by literary bloggers. The second entry in the series, Wave Tamer (Piraijakuiskaaja, WSOY 2013), was published last year to an enthusiastic critical response, and the third entry, Bird Whisperer (Harakanloukku, WSOY 2014) is due out this fall. Salama is also currently working on a screenplay based on the series.

The novels have been praised for their frank depiction of teen language and culture, as well as their tightly packed sequences of action, whether they be skating or surfing scenes or battles between faunoids and the hunters pursuing them.

”Annukka Salama’s faunoid books are set apart by their strong sensory details, fluidity and fast pace,” wrote Kainuun sanomat newspaper.

“The relationship between Unna and Rufus feels fresh and normal, in spite of the fact that both of these characters are unusual…[Fire Charmer] especially gets my thanks for incorporating realistic teenage language and topics….the book also leaves the reader with enough unanswered questions about Unna’s origin. This may be the best YA fantasy I’ve read this year,” praised Kirjamieli literary blog.

Annukka Salama (b. 1980) has studied costume design and architecture and has a degree in film and TV production. She has worked, for example, on the production of children’s programmes at the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. The idea of faunoid girl Unna first came to her while spending a summer day scooting and climbing trees with her two daughters.

Reading material:
Finnish editions of books 1-2
English samples of books 1-2
German samples of books 1-2

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